Who remembers Wei Ling?

She had to undergo surgery to remove an eye a few weeks ago, but today she’s back to her usual self and is running and jumping like a superhero!

Here are links to her original story and update.

Thank you so much to everyone who helps us, it makes all the difference.

If you would like to contribute to the care of the ninety-plus cats in the shelter, please follow the link below. We would be more than grateful 💚



Help needed for a very sick cat

We are asking for help to treat one of the cats Josie and Sheilla took in over the past few weeks.

No pictures, as he is suffering from something that has made his skin come up raw and blistered, and we know some people may find it distressing.

Please let me assure you that he is being given every possible care. He is as comfortable as the loving hands at the shelter can make him, and he is eating well. Although we thought at first it was a skin condition andtreated appropriately, it seems to be more than that and it is being investigated further with blood tests, for which we are awaiting results.

He was dehydrated and malnourished, and was trying to beg and forage for food in the market, but was being chased away by the humans he was asking for help.

Fortunately, he was found by our rescuers and taken home to the shelter, where everything possible will be done for him and he will be loved and looked after whatever happens.

If you can spare anything to help we would be so grateful.


Good Day Whiskers’ Syndicate

The extended, extra long Ramadhan holiday finally comes to end. Businesses have opened and in full operation, children go back to school, and colleges running toward the end of semester exams. Everybody is catching their pace, and we are catching our breath.

During the three weeks holiday, we have fed over 250 abandoned animals and many more strays who lost their food source for an extended period around town. Out of those over 250 animals (animals, because it’s not just felines and canines) we have given veterinary treatment to more than fifty animals who fell on hard times and need help going back to their true self. Some of them did not make it back to where they were, but during their short encounter with us, each of them had all we have, and certainly all our love.

Today, about twenty of them have called our super crowded home theirs. Five are still fighting for their lives with our vets. We have some who lost their eyes, we have several who had permanent damage on their internal organs due to untreated illness or human maltreatment. We have some who have to go through a long way to heal their broken heart and be a “normal” animals again, we have two who will walk with a limp for the rest of their (hopefully) long and prosperous life.

As we extend our most gratitude to everyone of you, each with your own kind of priceless contribution, we would like to remember that “live long and prosper” is not just a catch phrase; it’s not even just a wish.

No wish nor prayers will come true without sufficient effort to achieve it. Animal rescue is a team game. Some do one part, and the other fill in the blanks.

As we bow our deepest respect to everyone of you, our saviors, heroes, cavalries, knights in shining armor, warriors, and guardian angels alike, we remember that battles and eventually, war, can only be won together.

In coming days, as you will learn more about our new (and old) rescues, we hope you will be inspired, more than every before, to reach wider, deeper, and fight stronger alongside these animals, who otherwise will have completely no one. There will be sad stories, there will be heartbreak. There will be loses, but we hope instead of discouragement, you will find love, and most of all: hope.

We are inviting you one more time, to join our Quest 2 Canaan, as our blog is named, to make this holy pilgrimage together to where animals and humans can exist peacefully together; to the place where truly, we: as in you and us, become the change we want to see in this world.



Update on Wei Ling

UPDATE: Wei Ling is home!!!!

Thank you for all your kind wishes, donations, and heartfelt prayers.

Our little girl came through surgery quite well, with no excess bleeding, no complications, and no inflammation.

She is still adjusting to her new vision but so far seems OK. She has already tried to run and play, which we think is a good sign 😊

Below, you can see her surrounded by her Whiskers Syndicate family when she first came home, then eating her dinner, and finally, doing “quality control” on Sheilla’s coffee!

We are grateful beyond words to everyone, thank you so very much. We will continue to update on her progress.

If you would like to contribute to Wei Ling’s care and that of the other ninety-plus residents at the shelter, please follow the link below.



Along with everything happening last night, we also received a message about this kitten here, found by a kind visitor.

Francesca took the kitten, who she named Verdi, to the vet to have her treated for an abscess on her toe. She was told that Verdi would need antibiotics every day for a week and the dressing should be changed regularly.

She was quite concerned as she was coming to the end of her stay in Bandung, and didn’t want to turn Verdi back onto the street. When she contacted the shelter it took some time and several messages back and forth to see if we could help, but Josie and Sheilla managed to go and pick Verdi up after dropping Wei Ling off for her surgery.

We are so grateful to Francesca for the kindness she showed in taking Verdi to the vet, having her treated, doing everything she could to find her a safe place, and her contribution to caring for her. It is easy to forget sometimes that there is light and hope, and this is a reminder that I think many of us needed.

If you would like to help contribute to Verdi’s care and that of the other 90-plus residents of The Whiskers Syndicate, we would be more than grateful 💚



The photos are courtesy of Francesca, the kind lady who helped this pretty little little cat and got her to safety at the shelter.

Wei Ling needs your help

We need all your loving thoughts, my friends.

Sheilla found Wei Ling locked inside a food cart trunk, wailing for help (which is where her name comes from), and broke the food cart open to rescue her.

It turned out that Wei Ling had breathing problems because she was locked inside without air for so long. Sheilla brought her back to the shelter, so she could be treated and hopefully recover, and she fitted in well to the daily life there.

Yesterday, she and one of the other cats were playing when both hit the leg of the dining table. Wei Ling got an accidental claw to her eye and it was badly damaged.

She has been stabilised and brought to the vet this morning, in the hope she and her eye can be saved. However it seems like our chances are slim.

Please keep everything crossed for us, and send us all the positivity you can; pray for her, if that’s part of your beliefs.

If you can spare something to help with the vet bill, it would also help.