We found him dragging his tired and beaten self, begging for help from person to person, man to man, on a hot, sunny day; but no one answered his call.

If it was only hunger, we know the cure, and we are willing to share; but he has a hole on his chest and the pain crippled him so, he no longer feared anything, so long as he gets help.

It was October 10th.

Today is December 6th. We saw him jump from the kitchen counter to the chest freezer to the floor and all over the house, thinking we were still asleep. There is no more crippling pain, there is no more hunger, heat, rain, cold. There is no more hole in the chest.

There is only hole in his name: Holeman. A reminder of his beginning, and monument of your love. Your outpouring support gave him the chance denied to him by many. The chance for life, the chance for growth, the chance for love.

Some of the matched fund we are trying to raise (and so close to match) will go for his neutering. Then, he will be the perfect souvenir for the magic brought about by small people around the world who band together and show a pauper boy that him too, is worth it.

May your festive season begin with joy, knowing that you have brought about the miracle no one else in this world can, and are willing to make.

~ Josie





Giving at this festive season

The first day of December already! I had so much planned and so many things I wanted to do, and life just kept getting in the way.

I’m Christine, and I help Josie out on the Facebook page a little bit.

Josie, Sheilla, and the cats are never far from my thoughts, but right now they’re at the forefront.

As I go about my daily routine, I see many people preparing for a joyous time with friends and family; a period of warmth and plenty, with festivities and celebrations, and time to sit back and take a breath.

Life at The Whiskers Syndicate can be like that, but the majority of the time it’s very different. Josie and Sheilla work hard to keep the bills paid, the shelter in good order, and the cats fed and cared for, not to mention doing everything they can for the street cats.

It is rewarding, but also challenging and sometimes heartbreaking.

I have visions of sending over boxes of everything they desperately need; things like blankets and towels, medicines, vitamins, food and toys.

I picture hampers of things for the cats and for the humans, too, to celebrate the season as they deserve, with love, warmth, and maybe to be free of worry for a little while.

If I could, I would send them all this and more. I would love so much to help meet the fundraising goal every week for this month, to help get things on an even keel, and perhaps give a foothold to start next year on solid ground and move forward with some security.

It’s impossible for one person to do this alone, but with help from all of you, we have already done so much, and I know we can do more.

We are so grateful to you, always, and if I can ask again for your help, in whatever way you’re able to give it, we would consider it an incredible gift.

As Josie says, you, WE, are The Whiskers SyndicateĀ šŸ’š



I have just finished the first paragraph. It’sĀ #givingtuesday and it’s a good time to come back online after a forced vacation, when theĀ good elf of Santa repaired my phone.

Talking about the phone, it’s ringing. A small booth by the roadside selling banana fritters and ginger tea for two generations made their first call. It’s not the first time we will meet. I went there every so often with Sheilla when we’re done with the colony and need some peace to just chat or plan the morrow, without cats on our arms and legs.

The current manager, the son of the founder, saw us feeding a pregnant mother cat in one of our visits, and continued caring for her, as she tries to raise her family. We didn’t know where she hid her babies, but we left the matter as is. The less familiar they are with humans, the less chance they got harmed.

The man said, the babies are now out following their mother, and often hang around his booth late at night, where there are fewer customers. He thought, he’d ask his customers if someone would like to adopt the family and give them a better life.

One of his visitors came and upon hearing his request, took the mother. He was trying to prevent it by warning the woman that the cat has very young kittens, but the woman took off with the mother anyway.

He was concerned because the orphaned kittens were running around looking for their mother, and they soon fell ill because it’s terribly cold and wet yesterday. He let the kittens linger by his stove under constant supervision, but is concerned about leaving them alone in his semi-open booth overnight.

What was supposed to be my post, was then gone with the wind. We rode to the booth after we finished caring for the colony, and helped the man looking for the kittens.

We took three home, starving, cold and dirty; we will come back tomorrow for the fourth who we cannot find in the deep dark of this rainy midnight.

We fed them, we cleaned them as much as we can, we gave them a warm bed and heater, but we cannot answer their questioning eyes and little meows about their mother.

We can only tell them we will do our best to give them the chance that was robbed the way they lost their mother.

We can only show them that although it won’t be the same, if they give us a chance, they can still sleep in heavenly peace.

~ Josie


I am on my way home from vet visit with Mama Hera.

Her condition is very good and she recovers well after her surgery. She changes a lot. She eats normally and walks with ease, she can jump and walk the stairs; she eats more without her bumps weighing her down.

One thing never change, though, is her motherly kindness.

Visiting our downtown clinic with her is Mozzarella; two months old, with glaucoma.

Our vets eased his pain and give him eye medicine to control the swelling. We hope that his eye will stop getting bigger.

Mozarella has just won his battle against Calicivirus infection. Learning that he has another debilitating disease in his very young age, one after another, gave me anguish.

Life is unfair!

But alone in the examination room, looking into the carrier, there is no more anguish.

I am humbled; floored, and as I took the video I am sharing now, I am proud.

In their sorrow, in their pain, in each their limitation, Mama Hera and Moza bring comfort to each other, bring love to each other.

In the darkness of their lives, they bring hope to each other.

In the darkness of their lives, YOU bring light to each of them. Your most sincere wishes, most ardent prayers, your most appreciated financial support.

I cannot be more proud to have all of you standing by them. I cannot be more glad knowing that they will have chance and hope, I cannot be more grateful that Whiskers’ Syndicate delivers change and chance, to those who need them the most, and especially to those who otherwise be lost.

Thank you. Please continue to stand by them, support them, so that many more like them would see the light of their birth right.

~ josie

A face to be remembered

If there is a face we cannot get out of our mind, it will be hers.

She was standing at the gate of the market, briefly after she was thrown away by people she trusted. She was confused, terrified, and pregnant. When we picked her up and brought her home, we learned that she also had pulmonary infection.

On top of all her pain, she had to deliver three premature babies yesterday.

She barely had power during labor. Sheilla and I had to help her baby out, help the babies to breathe, clean them, dry them and cut their cords. She lost all power after Sheilla and I helped her deliver her babies; she cannot do anything but lay down . We thought we can lose her any moment, with breath like that.

For the whole day after giving birth, she cannot eat, cannot drink, and was out of breath. Today, she can eat, but very less than normal, reluctant to drink, lethargic, and stressed.

We do all that we can for her. However, while we are glad that all her babies were delivered safely, we are deeply concerned for both the mother and the babies’ condition.

We are extending our hand requesting your support: spiritually and financially, that this young suffering mother will rise back and recover. We hope that you will lend her your power to strengthen her. Not only with love, we hope that this young mother will be secured and protected through her journey to recovery and all her children will have all they need to grow happy and healthy.

Please help us show her that in the darkest part of her life, faith to humanity has not yet lost.

~ josie


Funds still needed for this special mother cat.

My heart was overwhelmed with joy, gladness, and gratitude. Although we have not yet met the matching challenge goal, I am relieved to know that we are so close to Mama Hera’s salvation. At this moment, Mama Hera, despite her remaining hernia, is nursing one set of four kittens we took from the market; as she always goes to other kittens we rescued since the first time she arrived. Without any doubt and with goodwill, she approached one kitten after another, and gives them theĀ hope and chance that had been robbed from them.

Here she is, taking a break after a long Sunday, while Mama Maku takes over the kittens for a bit. Can you see her bulging lower abdomen? If you enlarge the picture enough, you can even see the remains of the sutures from her last surgery.

Thank you very much for seeing her through (well, almost) with all your love, the way Mama Hera always see the babies through into the start of their independence. Not only Mama Hera, no less than seven kittens have a chance in life because of you.

May all your kindness and generosity returns to you in abundance.

~ Josie