Update on yesterday’s message

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Here’s this beautiful lady today!

She’s recovered enough to start bathing herself, and she’s even started to ask for food 😊

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent help so far, we’re very grateful 💚

If you would like to contribute to her care, or that of the other 90-plus cats at the shelter, please follow the link below:


Rescue work goes on, and funds are much needed

This sweet lady lived in a slum along the way to the colony. She is never well cared for but she devotedly goes from one door to the other every morning, though not for much.

The slum is on a one way road near an intersection so I have to make a round, but Sheilla and I do it willingly because we are so sad to see her sleep in the open, without roof or anything, in the cold night.

Yesterday she suddenly stopped eating, and she even didn’t greet us so we were very worried, especially because these past few days are freezing and she has nothing at all. So we took her home.

She still cannot eat, and is weak. We took her to the vet and she was given support, but further need to be done to ensure nothing went bad.

We plan to take her to the vet again after her condition is better.

Although Josie has to make it every day, it’s still a hard choice. Two feet on different boats will only cause drowning. Two fundraising running side by side will only produce chaos and restraint

Josie eventually chose to drop the weekly fundraising to focus on Bumpy. He had lost his home, he had lost his love, he had lost his life, and he would certainly have died in pain if left alone.

You have opened your heart for Bumpy, and your outpouring love have not only bought him his last chance in life, you have also brought him to the road he would certainly be lost without your intervention. Though very slightly, and very slowly, three days of Chinese medication therapy have brought betterment to his withering soul. You will see how much he basks in the miracle you brought into reality for him in the coming post.

The fine print in the shadow, however, is that the fundraising has been stalling, and there is not much left to help the rest of the sanctuary, and especially this old lady, who is just as deserving as any other cat for a warm home and comfortable retirement from her misery as a slum cat.

The fine print in the shadow, however, is the nearly forgotten truth that there will be no more chance without the sanctuary, there will be no more hope without the sanctuary.

We see how you all went out of your comfort zone to help with Bumpy, each and everyone of you; the ones who have always be with us, to the total stranger who stretched compassion beyond doubts and questions to give Bumpy another chance.

If you haven’t already, here is another chance for all of us to make one more miracle comes down to earth. There are ten thousand followers on this page. Together we can move this mountain.

We need USD 600 every week to survive. To date, we raised USD 200. If forty, just forty out of ten thousand ,sent USD 10, this lady will be off to the vet and the other 90 cats will live to see the weekend.

Can you help us help them?



Thank you for giving Bumpy a chance

Many times, my hands have held items that might swing a cat’s fate from death to life; but it has never become just “been there, done that” for me.

Every life matters: man, animals, plants, earth. Every life is one and their own.

It was just a small bottle, and a hundred red pills; but when it fell into my hand, it’s as if I am holding the whole world.

Bumpy’s world.

With that small bottle, together, we will start two weeks journey none of us will ever guess the end, but each of us know worth taking.

In that small bottle we put all of our hope for Bumpy, that he can turn his life around and be cat again.

Just like we all start (or re-start) our lives with a clean slate, it seems fitting that Bumpy start his journey as clean as his should be white, soft fur. Yesterday and today we cleaned Bumpy as best as we could, medicated his ulcers, wiped his blackened ear canal, and remove as many mats as we can. He smells less by the end of the whole ritual, he can open his eyes, and some of his wounds start to dry. His ears are clean now, from wax, mites and ulcers. He can hear better, and although some new bumps on his paws hinders him from walking too far, he is just as spirited and enthusiastic as he has always been here. In days to come, we will continue to clean him as much as he willing to endure, as we hope the medication will help him feel better.

Although we planned to try the medicine for two weeks, the practitioner, inspired by the waves of your compassion and Bumpy’s indomitable spirit, made enough medicine for fifty days. Should two weeks bring enough improvement, we will certainly go ahead until the end.

I humbly bow to you, in extension of my gratitude for all your support. We can’t know what the future holds for Bumpy, but please know that he is enjoying the best food, amendments, and medical care available in our part of the world, and most important of all, please know he is feeling the deepest of your warm love.

Thank you for helping Bumpy take this chance, and thank you for staying by his side as we go through the journey of his medication.

~ Josie


Here is Bumpy tonight

Following up on Bumpy’s story

His eyes are sore for the many bumps around his eyelid, and he has difficulties keeping his eye open. Every one of his legs are swollen so he slowed down considerably, and sometimes too lazy to go to the litter box because it’s too painful for him to make the journey he used to make all this time.
At the beginning of his diagnosis, our kitty ambulance vet had prescribed five days of anti inflammation and analgesic medicine for him. Anti inflammation is commonly used by medical practitioner to slow down tumors and reduce pain while the patient is prepared for the next step; whether it is chemo, radiation, or surgery.

Bumpy had his medicine for four days now, and while he does not seem to be immediately nor substantially better, he feels less pain, and some of the bumps on his ears starts to dry. The bumps on his temples are still wet, but at least these past few days there are no new bumps in the area. Bumpy will have to have another dose of his anti inflammation medicine tomorrow, but then, that’s it. He cannot have that prescription more than five days.

It means, if we are to help him give his last chance, we will have to start on Monday, but only if we have sufficient fund to cover his therapy by then.

In our town, most, if not all cats like Bumpy were bought from roadside seller or backyard miller to be cash cow for their owner. Cats like Bumpy are never pets, much less part of the family. They are assets, commodities; and as the trade law mandates, spent the least, to gain the most.

During his life as a product (who happens to be alive) he was never given proper food, nor care, and when life turn for the worse for him, he is nothing but sunken cost as his previous “owner” kicked him out of the only place he knew (no matter how bad that place was), ignorant of his right to live.

We are his last chance, and even more than that, we are the last people he might know alive. We have this one opportunity to turn back all the hell he has been through, and give him the life that he deserves. Even if our gamble fails and he had to lose his fight, we are still the one who will determine whether he would leave this world in tears, grief and suffering, or in peace.

And just in case there is still lingering doubt, please notice that I never use “I”, and I never use “you”. I always use “we” because it’s not me alone, and it shouldn’t be you alone. That is why the proverb “It takes a village” was perpetuated for so long, no one knows where it comes from. It doesn’t matter where that come from though, because we know it’s true. Little rocks build mountain, and mountain is unbeatable.

I would love to see Bumpy open his eyes again. Another syndicate member would love to see Bumpy walks again. Just now, yet another syndicate member sent me a message of encouragement (and financial support) and say she would love to see Bumpy feel the sun again.

What would you love Bumpy do? Let’s make it happen together.

~ Josie

We raised USD 420 out of USD 650 needed to cover Bumpy’s TCM therapy. We need USD 230 by Monday and we will be grateful if you are willing to give Bumpy his last hope:



“We both are given a mandate” I told my vet firmly; as if I am the strongest person in the world. “You as vet and me as a rescuer: the mandate to alleviate suffering animals”

Yet it’s not that easy even though we hold on to that truth and push all our selfish obsession to save all and kill none to that pile at the back of our minds.

It’s not that easy even though I look back through Bumpy’s history many thousands of times leading through that day.

He was somebody’s pet. He had a home, he had food, he had life; until he started to have bumps on his face that burst into blisters; until the blisters oozed pus that made him smell like a sewer.

Until his master kicked him out of the only home he knows.

Until the midnight I saw him begging for food, and the fried chicken merchant kicked him away in disgust over his grotesque appearance.

That moment when I carried him home, I promised I will be the dawn that comes after those darkest time.

We treated his ulcers, cleaned his wound, and were astounded to have new bumps and blisters coming in droves to no end the next day.

As it must not be the remains of mange, or the likes of it, we thought it was autoimmune, or resistance allergies, or super bug.

Our vet said, it might be whatever we thought it would be, or cancer. Biopsy would be our best bet.

We don’t have a biopsy lab in Bandung, but our vet knows someone she can ask for help ‘under the table’.

Meanwhile, Bumpy eats three bowls of fresh home-made food, while others had enough with one. He made the journey to the line of litter boxes to do his business, he walks under the sun and enjoys the wind, he watches the rain and jumps back to his favorite spot that he picked by himself on top of our cabinet, right across our bedroom window.

He is quick to make friends with others, especially the ladies. He never growls, though generous with his complaints whenever his friends are trying to have a share on his extra portion.

He cleans every single blisters and raw, and when we come to greet him with ointments, he’d give us his best headbutts and meows.

Until the biopsy came back with name as fancy as Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma

Our Bumpy has advanced and active stage skin tumors.

He will have those painful blisters eating him alive until he has nothing more; but he has so much still.

He will have his paws and feet crippled raw and swollen but he has so much still.

He will have all his suffering, until someone put an end to it in his name, and I promised to be the dawn that ends his darkness.

But it’s not that easy, even though we know death will end his suffering.

We cannot rest easy, even though we’re on the way, and our boy is in peace.

Until just inches toward our final destination, a phone call we were waiting.

Our kitty ambulance vet, to whom we ask for a second opinion, had re-connected with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, who had treated cats with cancer in the past, and some of his feline patients had shown significant improvement. The practitioner does not promise anything, but considering how Bumpy still functions normally aside from all his blisters, and the burning spirit with which he perseveres, he had a good chance for a recovery.

We stopped dead on our track, made a giant U turn, and went back home, where Bumpy once again enthusiastically finished three bowls of fresh homemade food, sun, rain, wind, lemon tree, friends, the ladies…

and me.

I promised to be the dawn that ends his darkest, and I will journey with him all the way to his glory.

I promised to be the dawn that ends his darkest, but dawn comes with the sky, the morning dew, the chirping birds, and crowing rooster. Dawn does not come alone, so I call upon you all to shine your love and turn his darkest night into the brightest of days.

The first part of his his long medication will last for two weeks, costing USD 650. The second part will start as soon as his tumors slows down.

Are you coming to light his life?

go here: paypal.me/whiskerssyndicate
write on the note: Go Bumpy!

~ Josie


Good afternoon from Bandung!

This is Queenie.

She has lived alone since she was 6 weeks old and someone dumped her under a cart selling fried chicken.

We have been watching and feeding her since she was first dumped there. When she was about 10 weeks old she started to cross back and forth over the street and it became dangerous, so we took her home.

She lives happily in the shelter now with merry companions, and is loved and cared for.

If you would like to help contribute to the care of Queenie and the other 90-plus residents of The Whiskers Syndicate, we would be so very grateful.