Everyone thought he was white, and like everyone, I thought he was blind, typical problem of white cat. He lives in a forgotten side door of a minimarket in the middle of traditional market, at night seeking warmth under the brimming charcoal bucket of a gawker stall selling traditional baked toast.

When he was familiar enough with me, I took him home, and after cleaning soot and all off her fur, I figured that he has tinges of yellow on the tips of his fur. A friend pointed out that he is Flame Point Siamese Mix and gave him the name Stardust, in memory of recently passed David Bowie.

Further examination by veterinarians figured that he was not blind from sickness, nor genetic defect. He has an extra layer of third eyelid that blocked his vision. Stardust went into six hours surgery to remove that extra layer and was then straight on a highway to recovery.

Stardust love to sit on top of the kitchen cabinet; watching the world goes round below him. From below, we can only see his face, white with two strips of his closed eye. He is stunning and regal, yet funny at the same time. At other time during the day, when everyone is asleep and no one is watching, Stardust likes to catch up with his lost days during his blindness by trying every single toys in the house and roll himself in towels and playing with water.

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