Her name is from “Snare Kitty” At tender age of four months, I found her hung with kite wire from a fence wall. It was late at night and I didn’t have anything with me so I wrapped my hand with jacket and pull the wire off while holding on her so she won’t choke. The wire rips my hands apart, but Sneki is saved. She crumpled on the corner for months before starting to heal. She was fixed and returned to her area, but she often follows me home and stays for a couple of days before going home. Think of Whiskers’Syndicate as a villa.
Early on 2017, I found her dragging herself to our house, all the way from the hill, with gruesome wounds all over her chest and front legs. Someone threw boiling water on her and she had bad burns. The skin on both her front legs sloughed off, and part of her chest and snout burnt. She had to be fed with syringe. Here she is four months later in May 2017. After the second near fatal incident, I do not allow her to return to her hill anymore.

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