A pile of coconut fell from display and two months old Sage were crushed under about twenty of them. He was barely alive then, and his mother was too weak and sick to help him. I picked up two of them and his other sibling, but only Sage lives to adulthood.
Sage looks dapper in his scarf, not only for style, but to cover a grisly scar from food poisoning he had earlier in his childhood. The bald and thicken patch of skin got itch every now and then and Sage would scratch it to a bloody mess. He totally cannot tolerate anything grain and gluten and corn or he will have rash all over his face aside from severe diarrhea.
Aside from his bad rep with skin allergies, Sage is a loving cat. He is a loyal companion and a calming brother. He loves to greet you when you come home from work and hug your leg until he is given a head scratch and a “mwuah” gesture.

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