Rexie II was trying to drag himself across the street on a busy traditional market. A Mercedes Benz refused to slow down even after a parking lot guy was trying to alert the car to reduce the speed. I jumped in the middle of the road and the 40 years old brat inside the car was forced to stop by angry passerby who felt threatened by people speeding in a small road and traditional market.

Rexie lost strength of his legs due to calcium deficiency. He came the day a (then) close friend lost her cat so I gave the cat’s name to him and added the II mark. He has since caught up with life and grow healthy and happy. Traces from his past days shown in his early teeth loss. He only have four fangs now, while others have fallen off.
This situation gave him megacolon once, because he never chew his food properly. After his surgery he slow down from gobbling bis food and take time shredding his food with his fangs and use his claw to ward off food snatcher

Rexie likes to comb my hair with his claw. I can tell him if he use too much claw and he will retract his nails.

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