Piper_WSMfHPiper is the surviving child of Mama Josephine, also for hire in another photo in this album. Mama Josephine used to live in a small alley cutting through a slum area behind a cultural center. She had five kittens and one by one the kittens waned and died. Alarmed at the manner of the death I picked Mama and her two kittens that’s left to the vet. Mama Josephine was spayed immediately and her two childred were given booster shots. One of the two kittens was named Peter (after Peter Rabbit) and this girl in the photo was named after Peter’s sister: Piper. Piper is a miniature copy of her mother. She is now one year old and was spayed and vaccinated. Piper has hypersensitivity to gluten. She will have rashes and itchy ulcers around her body and her fur will shed so much, she is half bald if she eats cat food with rice, corn or other type of grain. I have kept her safe with grain free, gluten free diet and ample support of vitamins to keep her skin at bay and her fur soft and velvety.

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