Mobsters for Hire


When I close the gate behind me, the adrenaline rush starts early. It’s our date in the morning.

Down the hill, by the tree across from the church, before the children of the school beside it come, we will have a secret meeting, and all the way there, there will be more waiting.

Here is our code: a little song, three clings of my keys.

Yet when they see me coming, when they hear my footsteps, my breath. When they smell my scent, the temptation of fresh steamed fish; joy is a discontented beast.
And joy always wins.

Come they running, from nooks and corners. Come they squeal their welcome, come they prance their urge.
Hurry! Hurry! before the bell at the tower ushered the sun, Hurry! Hurry!

¡sí! ¡sí! la cruz donde el Dios de todos los Dioses ve el mundo ha ardido en la luz!

Wait, there is one more, the smallest and youngest of them all, fearful of man. So, wait, oh sun. Please wait.

I took one look back towards the cross ablaze in the sky. In the last of the darkness, may Thy Kingdom come, for what I do for these smallest of my brethren, I do it for You.

And to you who just broke this dawn with me, here is where part of your weekly USD 600 is going.

This is how they return the love, the joy, and the hope that you lend us with that USD 600 per week. Can you feel the warmth in your soul?
Will you help us live this morning one more time?


There is a matching challenge that will double every Dollar of your donation. This is the time to double your impact, and get two at the price of one:

This short video from the Facebook page of The Whiskers Syndicate shows exactly the situation described. (2 minutes in length)


He asked. Once again, he put his tiny paw on my cheek.
I gave him a little kiss, and I asked him back: but darling, what if you fly?

He looked at me with those starry eyes. I looked back at him, with all my love.

He hasn’t been around for long. Someone sent me a message about a kitten he found on the street, and I picked him up as soon as I could. We got home four hours later.

He was eager to get out of his small pen. He was eager to see his new home, he was eager to try new food, he was eager for love.

So eager he would chase us around the house even if he has to drag half his lower body, recently got crushed by vehicle.

So eager he would rather sit, with enormous difficulties, just so he can outstretch the two arms that he has left, with eyes round and hungry, asking us to pick him up.

No matter how busy, no matter how hectic, no matter how much of a rush we are in, we always pick him up. We make time to show him places around the house he would never reach with his tiny body, we let him watch the wind blowing the flowers. We have creamy treats hidden all over the house so wherever he go, there is always new treasure, there is always new adventure.

No matter how hard, no matter how painful, we always smile. We smile with him, we joke with him, we tell him stories, we had coffee and tea, we laugh on jokes, and gossip about the latest happening in town.

Every day is a rehearsal, every day is a trial, yet every day is special.

Once again, he put his tiny paw on my cheek.
I gave him a little kiss, and I asked him back: but darling, what if you fly?

He looked at me with those starry eyes. I looked back at him, with all my love.

I need to get this “job”, taking care of the shelter’s Facebook, done. I need to feed the rest of the shelter, I need to make a bunch more of cat toys to sell in September, I need to feed the whole shelter, I I need to pay his medical bill. There are a lot more than him on my shoulder.

But all his life he knows nothing but the grey street. All his life he knows nothing but rubbish, all his life he knows nothing but the vast, ignorant world that won’t make place for a worthless speck of an orphaned kitten, and he was even downgraded. He was run over and left on the roadside, and even after such discount he still live with great acceptance.

So tonight when he wouldn’t let me put him down, when he keeps on stretching his arms up for me to hug, I put down my keyboard, turn off my computer, and sit with him in my arms.

Pooh. Rescued July 31, 2022 – RIP August 4, 2022

“You see,” began Christopher with a long sigh. “It’s like sleeping for a long, long time.”
“But going to sleep means that some day you’ll wake up.” Pooh said with a smile.
“Precisely!” Owl exclaimed.
“And we’ll be here when you do,” Kanga added. “I’ll even make you breakfast.”

Christopher couldn’t help but smile.
“I would very much like that. But you all have to understand that it will be a very, very long time.”
“Oh ho ho! We are great at waiting a long time! Rabbit here waits every year for the carrots to grow in the garden.” Tigger chimed in.
“And every year you destroy them!” Rabbit snarled.

“But Christopher!” Roo interjected, jumping into Christopher’s lap. “What are we going to do when you’re gone?”
“Oh I won’t be gone Roo. I’ll be right here.”
Christopher placed his finger over Roo’s heart. Roo giggled and scrunched up into a ball.

“We’ll be just fine,” muttered Eeyore. “I’m used to being alone anyways.”
“None of you will be alone! You’re a family now, and while I’m gone you will all take care of each other.”
“B-b-b-ut you will b-b-be back r-r-right Christopher?” Stuttered Piglett.
“Sometimes good things come to an end. But here’s the secret everyone — come close!”

They all huddled together underneath the tree to listen to Christopher’s secret.
“Memories. Are. Forever.” He whispered and tapped Pooh on the nose.
“Memories?” Said Pooh. “Well I have plenty of those! Like that time we saved you from the Heffalumps!”
“Or when you helped me fix my garden!” cried Rabbit.
“Or when you organized my library for me!” Exclaimed Owl.
“Or that time you built me a new house out of those sticks you found in the woods.” Eeyore added sullenly. “It didn’t last the night…but I remember it.”

“Yes, yes! All of those are memories and you will have them forever. Just like I will have my memories of all of you.”
Christopher stood up and took one last look over the Hundred Acre Wood. The sun was setting in the orange autumn sky and the trees were beginning to lose their leaves.
It was time he went home.

Christopher gathered all of his friends together and began walking back down the hill. They were all busy discussing the memories they had had with each other.
“Christopher?” Pooh said, looking up at Christopher as they walked hand in hand. “You aren’t coming back, are you?”
Christopher looked down at the ground and took a moment before he responded.
“No Pooh. I won’t be coming back this time.”
They walked in silence, listening to the sound of the crunching leaves underneath their feet.
Pooh suddenly stopped and looked intently into the ground.
“I believe I am going to miss you Christopher,” he said with a soft, broken voice.
Christopher leaned down and took his lifelong friend into his arms.
“I will miss you too Pooh. I will miss you very, very much.”

Once again, he put his tiny paw on my cheek. The glint of fear on his starry eyes “What if I fall?’
I gave him a little kiss.
This time I replied, firmly: but, Darling, you will fly.

He closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet. – I had to say it slowly, because my voice started to tremble.

But then I took him close and whispered to his ear, “Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”


The story I told Pooh on his passing:
The House On Pooh Corner, chapter ten. (Winnie The Pooh Book Two) – A.A. Milne.

Help me help others like Pooh:


Just got home with Robert.

We took him to the clinic for fluid extraction and a blood test yesterday. Though the clinic does not usually accept stay-over patients, our vet understands the urgent and potentially dangerous situation Robert is in because his fluid builds up so fast, so our vet asked him to stay overnight.

It’s a public holiday today, but our vets took it personally to help Robert prepare for the long weekend when everything is closed.

Robert is lean again now, no bulging tummy. He is still rather lethargic and he sleeps most of the time, but he is eating normally and is drinking a lot, so there is no danger of dehydration. We got his prescription in time so let’s hope that the fluid will not build up again anytime soon.

We have had FIP cats before. Tito lived for two years normally without fluid build up, and few others survived over a year past their condemnation.

With Robert, we cannot be sure; nobody can predict life, but even if we can, we’ll keep doing and giving our best regardless.

Born on the street, grown on the street, lived on the street. Robert must have gone through more than we can imagine.

Now is his time to have family. Now is his time to be at peace. Now is his time to have clean food and fresh water, a warm blanket and protection from the elements.
Now is his time to go home.

Until FIP takes him away, help us give Robert the life he deserves. Help us give Robert a chance to feel – for as long as he can – what it should be like to be a cat.
Help us weave the very best part of his life, all the way to the end, whether long or short it might be.

~ Josie

Robert can have the care he needs, with your donations


The plan was simple with Robert. He had lived the rest of his life, year after year, on the harsh outdoor of Bandung highland, so it will be ridiculous to force him, in his old age, to go into a world he had never know before. He greeted us every morning in the back alley near our home, and these days even chases me if I walked away thinking he won’t be coming.

Last week, we noticed that his tummy had become bigger. Robert had gone a long way since he started to allow us to care for him, so we thought it was part of his transformation. Aside from his tummy, his fur is cleaner, his face is brighter, and he is a lot merrier, which made him turn from old-looking cat, into a handsome gentleman in his prime time.

The days that followed, however, turned our pride and joy into worry. His tummy is bigger, and bigger and bigger. On more than one occasion, when we were able to check on that bulging tummy, we were more and more convinced that it is fluid build up.

Robert has FIP.

So for the next three days, we tried the best we could to get him home with us, so we can get him the veterinary care he needs.

His condition deteriorated rather quickly, and while he is now comfortable at home, he is not yet safe.

We all know that the majority of people in the world don’t care. Many times I voiced my lament at the irony about the ten thousand people who ‘Like’, ‘Follow’, and come to this page just to see the funny comics and rush away without the slightest compassion to see the darker side (which is the plight of unfortunate cats). We all know that every week we need USD 600 to keep everyone alive and fed, and yet today, Friday, we raised only USD 245.

But we cannot wait until the week turns anew, and see our earnings, just in case a miracle will happen, nor can we just sit here mounting cries and weeps.

We have this chance to save Robert’s life, but that chance will not be there forever. Vet clinics will be closed as the week ends, so we want to bring him to the vet NOW.

If you are part of the people who do care, please help us give Robert his chance in life. FIP is incurable; and Robert will eventually die, but with proper care and veterinary treatment, he can live a normal life for a long time.

We want to invest on that period of life and give Robert the good life he deserves. Can you help us? Will you help us?

~ Josie


He is always the kind of guy who stays in the corner. In the shade, in silence, watching. If the sun shines a light upon him, he will smile; in the light, in silence, still watching. If the moon passed him by, if the stars turned away, he’ll just stay there, in the corner, in the shade, in silence, watching.

A thousand without one, shall never be one thousand. A room without a corner is an alley, and the world without him will be stuck at one side when it rolls.

When he was missing from the line up of cats at the corner of that SOHO, a thousand is not a thousand, but nine hundred and ninety nine and it doesn’t feel right; but where should we find him? We’d never know where he disappeared when the food is gone.

Two days, three days when he is not around, we got stuck on one side and try harder, call louder, look further, to the nooks, and crannies, to every dumpster, in the sewer, poking at the lump of dirt that we feared might be his grave.

On the fourth day, he just lay there. In the corner, in silence, watching. We called him with joy and deliverance, we ran toward him with more fish, more food, more water.

He just lay there, In the corner, in silence, watching.

His thigh is broken, and how he got to the place where we always come to feed everyone will be lost forever.

He is still young, he is still small, so instead of cutting him open, and making him walk with a limp forever, there came the challenge: keep him still, with a stick on each side of his broken thigh, and he might mend himself within three weeks. Can be more, couldn’t be less.
He is still young, and he is still small. The only thing that fits his size perfectly, in length and width, is a Wall’s Magnum ice cream stick.

So here’s the treat: we buy two Magnum ice creams every other day, lick it off to the core, wash it clean, and wrap it around his thigh. Sometimes, he’ll get half, the other time, he didn’t like it that much.

Magnum, watching. Help Magnum and the other cats.

Two weeks going, with good food, supplements, night talks and same question: what would you like for tomorrow’s Magnum? Almond? Double Chocolate? White?

And he is always the kind of guy who stays in the corner. In silence, in shade, watching.

At the end of the fourth week, he sat like The Sphinx. We danced to him with joy and deliverance, and we bought him all the sort of Magnum there are, removed the chocolate and let him try whichever he likes.

Fifth week has nothing but at the middle of the sixth week he stood there by himself. In the corner, in silence, watching.

And then he started sitting, and then he started walking. He never runs, though he can. He never jumps, though he can. He just stays there most of the time, in the corner, in silence, watching.

But at urgent and special times such as breakfast and dinner, or supper, if it strikes his fancy, he will step into the light. Trot to his favorite food tray, and enjoy treats and snacks and a grand feast and all. At moments such as yogurt and chicken fillet cuts he’d be there before we know it, and he’d sit as his name suggests: Magnum, right by our side. In silence, but never only watching.

He is always the kind of guy who stays in the corner. In the shade, in silence, watching. But at important time such as life, Magnum stood up to the challenge, and walk through odds for his second chance.

~ Josie

At important time such as life, Magnum stood up to the challenge and reach out for his second chance. Your gift of life, your donation put him there.
Help young, old, ill, crippled, abandoned, neglected, abused cats like Magnum have their second chance:

Help for the innocent, the voiceless

They will be holding to the edges of the wall, the pole, the tree branch, the fence, the cold railing on my balcony. Peeking through the summer rain, waiting for the sun, waiting for the hope, waiting for their life.
So am I.

After the big hit that saved us from foreclosure at the end of June, we are back to the days where donations are running dry and weekly goals missed.

But as much as I can, those paper plates with strips of steamed fish will still be there. As much as I can, pouches of what probably the only food for the day is there.

As much as I can, those two round eyes should still be gleaming; those four match-thin legs running. As much as I can, those snotty nose should be cleared, crusty eyes opened, sickness medicated, and sore paws paid in full.

Because they did nothing wrong in this world, yet they bear the curses and garbage of man. They live innocently, true to nature, and bear the boulder of human arrogance. They ask for nothing and bear the punishment. Sometimes to their tragic, miserable, gruesome deaths, and they bear it all without voice, without defense, without chance.

They bear the cross and that thorn crown all the way. They cross the path too, from this hell to the door of heaven silently.

For these smallest of my brethren I will walk that extra mile. For their unsung life I will lend my voice.
For these people with whom we have the privilege to share dominion, I am turning to you. Please help us. One more strip of steamed fish, one more pouch of kitten food.

Please lend them your grace. They won’t ask more than one more breath.

~ Josie