Miss Kitty is so endearing in a cultural center near our home. She entered a queue of motorbike for rent and take waiting line number three. If she reach the next in line, she will turn around and go back to waiting line number three. A rented motorbike driver knew that I pick up cats, feed them and take them away to return them later so they made a case on her behalf. It is dangerous for a little kitten like her to hang around cultural center especially on peak season when buses and other vehicles hustles in and out. I agreed to take her home.

Although she has small body, Miss Kitty has big heart. She is a wonderful kitty sitter for younger mobsters and is a good nanny for me too, sometimes. She is really cute when she jumps up the counter and report to me with her short, chatting-like meow, or remind me of things I forgotten (like little Becca still locked out in the cattery), or cheering up sulking Cali. She is also very understanding and patient.

To hire a royal nanny like Miss Kitty, you have to prepare USD 10 per month. Click here to submit your hiring interest: