Mama Josephine used to live in a small alley that cut through a slum area behind a cultural center. She was very young when she first got pregnant and gave birth to five kittens. A resident of the slum gave her a used cardboard box and she dutifully nurture her babies. I used to come at night after work to offer food.

For unknown reasons, however, one of her kittens died; and the next day, another kitten died. On third day, yet another kitten died. No sickness, no poisoning, they just waned and die. Alarmed and horrified, I picked her up and her remaining two kittens and rush them to the vet, who found nothing. Mama was immediately spayed and the two remaining kittens were given booster shots. One of her kittens was named Peter (after Peter Rabbit) Peter Rabbit has a sister named Piper, so the other kitten was named Piper. The mother was named accordingly, and now she is called Mama Josephine.

To hire sweet, graceful and dutiful Mama Josephine (who still care for her children even one year later) for USD 10 per month, please go here: