His name came from the company where he lived: Inmagine.Inc (the company is owner of worldwide known art site 123RF dot com). A kind employee used to care for him and provide boxes and blankets for Maji to sleep at the corner of the the terrace when the office close; however he is increasingly worried because Maji’s increasing disappearance, especially because just next door is a shuttle terminal. He noticed that after a long absence Maji had an unalighed jaw (left half of jaw is lower than the right side) and once every often he will be sick licking motor oil.

He contacted me and didn’t give up even after I declined his request because our place is full.

Maji came home at the end; but it’s only the start of another disaster. He picked a fight with everyone. Young, old, male, female, even kittens. Every single minute I turn my head away, he was already puffing and yowling to another cat. I often home to find him and whoever he fought with bloodied; money draining fast because of vet visit every day. I was close to fix him and return him to the same area (but further from the shuttle terminal) because I cannot lock him up for the rest of his life when Lori came up with a suggestion of pheromone collars that works for the selter she volunteered. It was supposed to handle other cat’s spraying, but I tried one on Maji and it worked like magic.

Maji is eight years old and now he is peaceful gentleman. He loves some scratches on his head and instead of clawing he snuggles with others. Sometimes he will rub himself around my legs too. When he start to yowl and pick a fight again, though, I would know it’s time to change his collar.

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