She was a scrawny four months old little girl who was born and lived in a very busy parking lot of the supermarket where I work. She lives in the bushes and only come out at late night to scavenge for food to sustain her svelte, petite figure.
In the rush of Eid Al Fitr/Ramadhan festival, when people poured out to buy stuffs and on their way for vacation, she was terrified by the horrendous mob of human everywhere and made a wrong turn, ended up inside the supermarket. I scoop her out and hid her in my jacket before someone screamed and her life jeopardized. For two days she hid in a small box half the size of her body with eyes wide and fur puffed in terror. She was lured out by the warmth of my bed that I shared with other kittens, a place she never knew existed before, and welcome her new life as a house cat. After two rounds of deworming and flea, special bath to remove motor oil stuck on her fur when she guerilla-ed under cars and motorbikes and sewers, Julia is named after the famous Holywood movie telling the story of a pretty woman who made a wrong turn and yet find the right guy.

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