When you set up your journey in search of your promised land, these are our backpack requirements:

1. Cash through PayPal. or Credit Card (processed by Stripe)

You don’t need a PayPal account to lend your hand to the abused and neglected street animals in Bandung, Indonesia. PayPal accepts credit cards, personal check, debit card, direct bank account debit, almost anything you can imagine; for free. However, if you prefer other alternative you can click Credit Card also. Click now to throw changes for our daily bread. Remember that any number goes a long way and help many.

To give you a little idea of what your contribution can do, here is a little hint:

  • $1     means one day meal for a feral cat
  • $10   will provide vaccine for one cat
  • $15    means we can neuter one male cat
  • $25    will spay a female cat
  • $50   means 5 cats can live happy and healthy for one month
  • $100 will allow us to TNR the entire colony, and we have three!
  • $350 will feed the whole sanctuary for two weeks
  • $500 means we can install much needed cat trees and shelving units so the cats in our crowded sanctuary will not have to fight to death over sleeping spot or step on each others tail.

You can help us save even more life with the convenience of recurring donations. You are free to choose how much you would like to give, when, and how long you are planning to give. You have the ultimate power to cancel anytime, no question asked, no strings attached.



Support Recurrence
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2. If you prefer to send us goods, here is the list of goods that we cannot otherwise obtain in Indonesia, or cannot be purchased in reasonable price, yet very helpful for us. You can either purchase these in your regular pet shop or click the item which will lead you to an online shop (we use these shops because we thought their prices are affordable, but we are not in any way affiliated with nor paid by them)

  1. Pet Natural Vermont Daily Best Senior Cat Chews
  2. Pet Natural Vermont Daily Digest for cats
  3. Pet Natural Vermont UT Support
  4. Pet Natural Vermont Calming
  5. Bixbi Pet Organic Immune Supplement
  6. Probiotics
  7.  Super Lysine tablets or Pet Natural Vermont Lysine
  8. 4 Life Transfer Factor Feline Formula
  9. Revolution for cats
  10. Drontal all wormer for cats, or Milbemax, or similar all wormer.
  11. Nutri Cal, Suppli Cal, Ener Cal for cat and kittens
  12. Kitten’s milk/Milk Replacer

3. Towels, linens, blankets, mats, rugs, or fleece. Just something we can sleep on at night, and they don’t need to be new, used is acceptable.

4. Food or water bowl. We play soccer with it once it’s empty. We know it’s food bowl, not Super Bowl, but we’d like our cat girl to play with us while tidy things up after we dine so she would stay with us longer instead of going to work all the time.

5. Toys, catnip (any form), catnip seed, or cat grass seed, in tightly closed packaging or container with proper label indicating the name of product (e.g. homegrown catnip or cat grass), short description of indication for use (e.g. for cat entertainment), and the processing information (e.g. without pesticide and naturally grown). We need to do this because Indonesia doesn’t know what catnip is and what it is used.

What to do if you want to send your own items? Meow to us and we will listen.

6. We have a Giving Grid, where you can post a picture of your own cat while making a donation. A good way to make a memorial to a loved cat that has passed on.

Whiskers Syndicate’s Giving Grid

We also have a Wall of Love where you can put the name of a loved one when making a donation.

Thank you very much for supporting us!