He looks mean and he is always fighting, but that’s because he is lonely. El Nino was rescued with his sister La Nina. They were dumped inside the box and dumped to the middle of the street under heavy rain during a bout of La Nina in our region. They are always together. La Nina took good care of her little brother.
They were about one year old when we moved to our permanent home. It was a week before Ramadhan Eid Al Fitr holiday so businesses started to close and we have nothing in the house. It’s four times as far as it was for me to go to work so I have to leave early. El Nino and La Nina played around and climb everything and La Nina got stuck in the window. Everyone tried to help, but it was too late and she passed away a few days later. El Nino blamed me for not helping his sister fast enough and become a mean cat since. Near Christmas two years ago, I picked up a little kitten who looks just like La Nina, and I showed the kitten to El Nino. Somehow, after the kitten gave him head bumps, El Nino is less and less mean. He is still grumpy even now, and he picks a fight from time to time but he had gone a very long way socializing with other cats. Instead of clawing me El Nino would just talk back to me if I gave him reprimand, and as of late he let me pet him and carry him around.
If I come with the bag of catnip toy, he will put one of the strap around his neck and run around while others would come and pick one from the bag, just like “Sandy Claws”

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