Although Cali start his life the dark way being tied up inside a sack and thrown into three storey tall sand pit, his personality is as bright as the sun. He is natural born comedian. His face expressions are priceless, and his ingenious tricks and antics will brighten any day.

He is a spoiled kid when he is small, and now that he is bigger he start to explore the world on his own, but at the end of the day he often slip into the room with me and knead my head, giving me a creambath. I was often shudder imagining that he gives me creambath with the same hands that he use to dig the litter box, but he will be offended when I try to clean his legs first. So i just take his good intentions and let him creambath as he likes, the next day i will wash my hair behind closed door in the bathroom

His name came from a stray yellow tabby kitten who wanders around to play in a small hotel in Northern UK, and was beaten to death by the cook of the hotel.

Due to his misfortune being separated from mama and have bad nutrition being street kitten, Cali is prone to episodic URI (Upper Respiratory Infection). It means he will be snotty from time to time and have runny eyes and runny nose, but once he stays inside in warm place long enough his symptoms fade away on its own. Still I watch him more closely especially to maintain his immune system.

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