Just as I walked after helping Siegfried, I saw another yellow tabby about four months old was dragged by parking car. I ran with 12 lbs of tuna, a baby cat in my arm shouting like mad. A parking lot clerk saw what I was shouting about and stopped the car. She has various injuries on her head, her ears, sides and paws because of the incident, so I walked home the whole 45 minutes carrying 6 kgs of tuna in one hand and two kittens in the other.

Since they were rescued together, I gave the two kitties matching names. The boy become Siegfried (in the other photo of this album) and the girl becomes Brunhilde. Both names comes from Nebelungen, an old Norse fairy tail (pun intended)

Siegfried and Brunhilde’s story here: https://www.facebook.com/wearethewhiskerssyndicate/posts/517478418449898

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