It was a draining day in summer two years ago when I gave up the choking heat of the bus I rode to get to work. The road was horrible, and to make things worse the bus has broken A/C and still pack every passenger. As I tried to catch some breath in front of a large house, I was entertained by stray two kittens who defy the heat of the day and run around playing. A retired army general, the owner of the house got the two kittens, then suffered from severe conjunctivitis, and I brouht them home. One of the sisters did not survive. Our friend Cathy named the survivor Bianca. She is not a true Siamese, but she jumped around everywhere ans is very feisty and resourceful in snatching the next snack whether or not it is intended for her.
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Myu came to us alongside her two siblings; they were dumped near the ravine behind our house. They got along at first, but when they grew up, each has their own character and they found themselves in different groups of cats in the sanctuary. Myu is playful and merry, though she is not a complete playmirth like Bianca. They get along just fine and love to follow each other in adventures across the sanctuary.
Hire Myu for USD 10/month: