Good Day Whiskers’ Syndicate

The extended, extra long Ramadhan holiday finally comes to end. Businesses have opened and in full operation, children go back to school, and colleges running toward the end of semester exams. Everybody is catching their pace, and we are catching our breath.

During the three weeks holiday, we have fed over 250 abandoned animals and many more strays who lost their food source for an extended period around town. Out of those over 250 animals (animals, because it’s not just felines and canines) we have given veterinary treatment to more than fifty animals who fell on hard times and need help going back to their true self. Some of them did not make it back to where they were, but during their short encounter with us, each of them had all we have, and certainly all our love.

Today, about twenty of them have called our super crowded home theirs. Five are still fighting for their lives with our vets. We have some who lost their eyes, we have several who had permanent damage on their internal organs due to untreated illness or human maltreatment. We have some who have to go through a long way to heal their broken heart and be a “normal” animals again, we have two who will walk with a limp for the rest of their (hopefully) long and prosperous life.

As we extend our most gratitude to everyone of you, each with your own kind of priceless contribution, we would like to remember that “live long and prosper” is not just a catch phrase; it’s not even just a wish.

No wish nor prayers will come true without sufficient effort to achieve it. Animal rescue is a team game. Some do one part, and the other fill in the blanks.

As we bow our deepest respect to everyone of you, our saviors, heroes, cavalries, knights in shining armor, warriors, and guardian angels alike, we remember that battles and eventually, war, can only be won together.

In coming days, as you will learn more about our new (and old) rescues, we hope you will be inspired, more than every before, to reach wider, deeper, and fight stronger alongside these animals, who otherwise will have completely no one. There will be sad stories, there will be heartbreak. There will be loses, but we hope instead of discouragement, you will find love, and most of all: hope.

We are inviting you one more time, to join our Quest 2 Canaan, as our blog is named, to make this holy pilgrimage together to where animals and humans can exist peacefully together; to the place where truly, we: as in you and us, become the change we want to see in this world.


Update on Wei Ling

UPDATE: Wei Ling is home!!!!

Thank you for all your kind wishes, donations, and heartfelt prayers.

Our little girl came through surgery quite well, with no excess bleeding, no complications, and no inflammation.

She is still adjusting to her new vision but so far seems OK. She has already tried to run and play, which we think is a good sign 😊

Below, you can see her surrounded by her Whiskers Syndicate family when she first came home, then eating her dinner, and finally, doing “quality control” on Sheilla’s coffee!

We are grateful beyond words to everyone, thank you so very much. We will continue to update on her progress.

If you would like to contribute to Wei Ling’s care and that of the other ninety-plus residents at the shelter, please follow the link below.


Along with everything happening last night, we also received a message about this kitten here, found by a kind visitor.

Francesca took the kitten, who she named Verdi, to the vet to have her treated for an abscess on her toe. She was told that Verdi would need antibiotics every day for a week and the dressing should be changed regularly.

She was quite concerned as she was coming to the end of her stay in Bandung, and didn’t want to turn Verdi back onto the street. When she contacted the shelter it took some time and several messages back and forth to see if we could help, but Josie and Sheilla managed to go and pick Verdi up after dropping Wei Ling off for her surgery.

We are so grateful to Francesca for the kindness she showed in taking Verdi to the vet, having her treated, doing everything she could to find her a safe place, and her contribution to caring for her. It is easy to forget sometimes that there is light and hope, and this is a reminder that I think many of us needed.

If you would like to help contribute to Verdi’s care and that of the other 90-plus residents of The Whiskers Syndicate, we would be more than grateful 💚


The photos are courtesy of Francesca, the kind lady who helped this pretty little little cat and got her to safety at the shelter.

Wei Ling needs your help

We need all your loving thoughts, my friends.

Sheilla found Wei Ling locked inside a food cart trunk, wailing for help (which is where her name comes from), and broke the food cart open to rescue her.

It turned out that Wei Ling had breathing problems because she was locked inside without air for so long. Sheilla brought her back to the shelter, so she could be treated and hopefully recover, and she fitted in well to the daily life there.

Yesterday, she and one of the other cats were playing when both hit the leg of the dining table. Wei Ling got an accidental claw to her eye and it was badly damaged.

She has been stabilised and brought to the vet this morning, in the hope she and her eye can be saved. However it seems like our chances are slim.

Please keep everything crossed for us, and send us all the positivity you can; pray for her, if that’s part of your beliefs.

If you can spare something to help with the vet bill, it would also help.



She went to where the green grass grows; on the warm sunlit hills. Though the night is long, and the journey is never ending.

She went to where the green grass grows, waving by the gentle wind blow. Though her tummy was crumbling, and her tiny legs were failing. Along that hot burning road, she looked back, but where she left behind is still not home.

She went to where the green grass grows, wet from the morning dew. Though her throat was choking and her eyes were dry. She ran under those bent palette; full of bottled water, but there was no drip that would quench her thirst.

She went to where the green grass grows, long may it come, unreachable it may be. Though she stopped more often, though she rested and keep herself together.

Until a pair of hands touched her back, and lift her up, to the air, domain she never knows. Though they hold her tight, and it’s dark all around, she heard that rhythm, the heart beat, the breath, the thickening bosom, and deflated lungs. One after another, two and many more.

And she went to where the green grass grows, when the hands that hold her opens, and she runs on the warm sunlit hills.

She went to where the green grass grows, when the voice from above whispered “Welcome home, Heidi” waving by the gentle wind blow.

She went to where the green grass grows, as she ran to kibble filled plate with fragrant smell and crunchy taste, dip her tongue to a pond like bowl, wet and cool just like morning dew.

She went to where the green grass grows. The night is long, and the journey never ending, but as long as it may, it comes, and there she will dwell forever.

~ Josie



For Americans, it’s the presidential election 2016. For Britons, it’s Brexit. For France, Emmanuel Macron.

But even after the election is over on April 17, the social media war did not die. As our general election commission perform voting calculation, hoaxes, fake news, lies, slandering, social media war made our peaceful country into house of flying dagger.

The presidential contender and his Islam hardliner friends continue their relentless provocation, and in the bulls eye of their call for persecution are us: Chinese descent and non Muslim. All the hollow prejudice used in 1998 racial cleansing that washed out thousands of Chinese Indonesian and non Muslim came back alive. If we are not “native” and not Islam, we ought to die.

When the election commission announced the voting result, riots broke in our capital leaving six dead – now seven – and hundreds injured. For two days starting May 22nd, the capital was in the state of emergency. Eight countries including USA, UK and EU have issued travel warnings. Hundreds of businesses burned, many offices and business districts are destroyed.

In the attempt to curb fake news, hoax and slandering, the government had shut down access to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp from May 22 to May 25, which is why I lost touch with my beloved Whiskers’ Syndicate.

Although hundreds of our Armed and Police Force had regained control, the contender officially contested the voting result, tension will continue to rise until the supreme court verdict on May 29.

It becomes difficult for me, Chinese descent and non Muslim – hence a double minority – to find a job I need to keep my shelter and my family alive, due to the burning racial prejudice. It becomes even more difficult because I have no access to the Internet.

It is impossible because May is ending and with the new month comes Muslim holiday when businesses shut down for at least two weeks. As we stand at the end of this week, we only raised USD 210.

Then comes a message to our page: Please try again to get more money the cats need you [sic]

She has no [bleep] idea, and I could have broken my own fist on a stranger’s pretty face.

Still, I am trying to restrain myself from commenting on any messages or comments knowing full well the unrest around had affected me and the volatility of my emotions at this time. Above all, I know full well the importance of a delicate approach for the livelihood of our shelter, despite my natural fiery character.

I try my best, in most part as my respect and appreciation for our loyal supporter’s hard work and efforts, as well as precious assistance from our admins and our community outreach front liners, who has been vital in keeping Whiskers’ Syndicate alive.

The rest of my strength comes from this baby, and many more in my home just like him.

His name is Misha. He is two months old, starving and sick, sitting alone by the pillar of a motorbike taxi shelter just outside the bus terminal across the street from a small landfill. If I hadn’t grabbed him off, an ignorant six years old boy would have stomped him to death as he boasted about his new fire cracker he just bought.

For a week, he can only drink water and honey, sometimes diluted nutritional gel. On his sunny days, egg yolk and antioxidants.

When he is stronger the next week, we cleaned him, and remove the entire nation of skin parasite.

One week later, he can eat soft food.

Two days ago when I woke up in the morning, a smiling face over a deep sleep.

For a decade, a face like his has been my life purpose. For many nights and many days through that decade, many of you have walked this quest to Canaan by our very side.

I hate it so much to call it quits, but across my idealism; our idealism, we have to face reality.

Reality that we cannot fly without wings for a long time, reality that we cannot continue without adequate resources, reality that this photo that brighten my day, Misha’s face, will be the last.

We are giving our best effort, each and every moment, but as much as the strength of a nation is only as strength as its people, the strength of our shelter is only as much as us.

Many times in the past, together, we have erased that word “only” as we raise from the depth of hellhole back to life. Many times we have shown the world the power of small people standing in unity.

I hope we can still do the same today, and make many more Mish’sa who otherwise will only be a spatter stomped to death by ignorant six years old boy on the street.

~ Josie