Just got home with Robert.

We took him to the clinic for fluid extraction and a blood test yesterday. Though the clinic does not usually accept stay-over patients, our vet understands the urgent and potentially dangerous situation Robert is in because his fluid builds up so fast, so our vet asked him to stay overnight.

It’s a public holiday today, but our vets took it personally to help Robert prepare for the long weekend when everything is closed.

Robert is lean again now, no bulging tummy. He is still rather lethargic and he sleeps most of the time, but he is eating normally and is drinking a lot, so there is no danger of dehydration. We got his prescription in time so let’s hope that the fluid will not build up again anytime soon.

We have had FIP cats before. Tito lived for two years normally without fluid build up, and few others survived over a year past their condemnation.

With Robert, we cannot be sure; nobody can predict life, but even if we can, we’ll keep doing and giving our best regardless.

Born on the street, grown on the street, lived on the street. Robert must have gone through more than we can imagine.

Now is his time to have family. Now is his time to be at peace. Now is his time to have clean food and fresh water, a warm blanket and protection from the elements.
Now is his time to go home.

Until FIP takes him away, help us give Robert the life he deserves. Help us give Robert a chance to feel – for as long as he can – what it should be like to be a cat.
Help us weave the very best part of his life, all the way to the end, whether long or short it might be.

~ Josie


Robert can have the care he needs, with your donations

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