He is always the kind of guy who stays in the corner. In the shade, in silence, watching. If the sun shines a light upon him, he will smile; in the light, in silence, still watching. If the moon passed him by, if the stars turned away, he’ll just stay there, in the corner, in the shade, in silence, watching.

A thousand without one, shall never be one thousand. A room without a corner is an alley, and the world without him will be stuck at one side when it rolls.

When he was missing from the line up of cats at the corner of that SOHO, a thousand is not a thousand, but nine hundred and ninety nine and it doesn’t feel right; but where should we find him? We’d never know where he disappeared when the food is gone.

Two days, three days when he is not around, we got stuck on one side and try harder, call louder, look further, to the nooks, and crannies, to every dumpster, in the sewer, poking at the lump of dirt that we feared might be his grave.

On the fourth day, he just lay there. In the corner, in silence, watching. We called him with joy and deliverance, we ran toward him with more fish, more food, more water.

He just lay there, In the corner, in silence, watching.

His thigh is broken, and how he got to the place where we always come to feed everyone will be lost forever.

He is still young, he is still small, so instead of cutting him open, and making him walk with a limp forever, there came the challenge: keep him still, with a stick on each side of his broken thigh, and he might mend himself within three weeks. Can be more, couldn’t be less.
He is still young, and he is still small. The only thing that fits his size perfectly, in length and width, is a Wall’s Magnum ice cream stick.

So here’s the treat: we buy two Magnum ice creams every other day, lick it off to the core, wash it clean, and wrap it around his thigh. Sometimes, he’ll get half, the other time, he didn’t like it that much.

Magnum, watching. Help Magnum and the other cats.

Two weeks going, with good food, supplements, night talks and same question: what would you like for tomorrow’s Magnum? Almond? Double Chocolate? White?

And he is always the kind of guy who stays in the corner. In silence, in shade, watching.

At the end of the fourth week, he sat like The Sphinx. We danced to him with joy and deliverance, and we bought him all the sort of Magnum there are, removed the chocolate and let him try whichever he likes.

Fifth week has nothing but at the middle of the sixth week he stood there by himself. In the corner, in silence, watching.

And then he started sitting, and then he started walking. He never runs, though he can. He never jumps, though he can. He just stays there most of the time, in the corner, in silence, watching.

But at urgent and special times such as breakfast and dinner, or supper, if it strikes his fancy, he will step into the light. Trot to his favorite food tray, and enjoy treats and snacks and a grand feast and all. At moments such as yogurt and chicken fillet cuts he’d be there before we know it, and he’d sit as his name suggests: Magnum, right by our side. In silence, but never only watching.

He is always the kind of guy who stays in the corner. In the shade, in silence, watching. But at important time such as life, Magnum stood up to the challenge, and walk through odds for his second chance.

~ Josie

At important time such as life, Magnum stood up to the challenge and reach out for his second chance. Your gift of life, your donation put him there.
Help young, old, ill, crippled, abandoned, neglected, abused cats like Magnum have their second chance:

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