She thought it will be happily ever after: off the street, simple home, enough food, peaceful days, gentle sun, twinkling stars, serene moon.

It doesn’t matter if those cracks that hurt her tongue take forever to heal. It doesn’t matter that she has to eat soft food to reduce the pain when she chews, when she swallows. It doesn’t matter, as long as she can eat, she can drink, she can live.

It doesn’t matter that her cracked tongue takes forever to heal. It doesn’t matter that she keeps catching a cold or other illnesses. It doesn’t matter that every time she catches a disease or two, it takes a very long time to heal. Life shall go on. Her life shall go on.

So it doesn’t matter when that little bump near her armpit keeps getting larger. She eats like nothing happened, she drinks like nothing happened, she lounges under the sun like nothing happened, she lives like nothing happened. Her life shall go on.

Until we found that bump when we gave her a warm bath (she cannot groom herself because of her damaged tongue). Whatever lurked inside had turned from a tiny bump into the size of a lemon.

As if the lot she has been through is not enough, “Mama” the only name she responds to, has a mammary gland tumour.

There was not enough time to fund-raise. There was not enough time to wait. The parasite had grown roots and if it bursts inside, she will die.
Her life shall go on.

So I took all the savings that should be paying our mortgage and send her over to the clinic.
The vets removed half a pound of meat that looked like a gigantic tick with five legs.
The sixth leg crept so far it attached to the rib and barely touched her lungs. With limited resources and a delicate situation, the vets cut that leg and left it inside, rather than taking the risk of ripping a hole on her lungs. Her life must go on.

To prevent the remaining tumour from growing, or slow it down if the remains of the tumour grows anyway, we refer her post-operative care to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) professional who has treated our tumorous and cancerous cats before. Obviously she doesn’t enjoy the smell and taste of various roots and herbs and fruit boiled together to look like mud, but she wants her life to go on, so Mama takes it anyway. Obviously she doesn’t like the weird tastes of her supplements, but she wants her life to go on, so she takes them anyway.

And she still eats well, she still drinks well, she lounges under the sun, she enjoys her warm blanket, she watches the twinkling stars, and be sure the moonlight illuminates her fur.

I can see it well in her eyes.
Her life shall go on.


Help Mama go on:

Mama’s beginning: And I love her so

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