Emergency surgery for Coraline

It’s not Coraline trying to be cute. It’s her trying to get some breathing space, and a way to ease the suffocating, often painful, weight of her belly off her crooked spine.

As Coraline’s situation is getting dangerous, our team of vets decided that they will not wait for Saturday. Coraline will have her surgery today.

Her S-shaped spine has pinched part of her intestine, so the opening on her colon is too small for a normal stool, even a soft one, to come out, while her X-shaped hind leg cannot support her when she is trying to use the litter box. All the good food that we gave her has piled up in her colon. Coraline’s filled colon is getting larger, and it blocks her urinary tract. For three days, Coraline cannot urinate, nor can she defecate.

She is in immediate danger of death by blood poisoning if her waste is not removed immediately.

Meanwhile, the weight of her belly (filled with all the urine and faeces) is a problem. We all know how painful it can be to have to lift a heavy object everywhere all the time. Coraline moves less, breathes shorter, and because she moves less and breathes shorter, she has lost appetite, and when she lost her appetite she lost weight. Losing weight immediately before surgery is not always bad, but she is a kitten, and she needs all the strength she can get to endure her long surgery.

It will not be as easy as cutting her open, get all the waste out of her, and sew her back shut, as if mending a broken rag doll, because she will get into the same danger again and again, because of her spine condition. Our vets will have to cut some of her intestines to make space in her abdomen, make a larger rectum, and move her kidneys a little bit to the side, so her urine can flow out better.

The surgery will also attempt to reduce weight on her spine, so Coraline can walk and move more easily. She will not be as tired, and there will be in no pain. Her deformed state aside, Coraline will be able to live normally.

It sounds much to me. Cut this and throw that away, but if it makes Coraline’s life a lot better, I will bare with it, and do my part as best as I can. If all of this means Coraline will finally have her chance in life, I will give that extra mile, and many more whenever, wherever it is needed.

Soon there will be a USD 600 surgery bill in my hand. More will come as I need to purchase her medicine, and more if she will need special food. With help of Kathie McMahon, June Madge, and Trish Geidel we raised USD 200 for the surgery. It will be a long USD 400+ to raise, but I am glad that my vets give me the whole weekend to manage.

If you haven’t already, please consider extending your helping hand now. Please consider a small amount of extra spending, as cost to alleviate lifetime pain for an otherwise helpless cat.

Please consider a giving Coraline a chance to live.



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