I avoid him like disease. I loathe him like primate’s waste.

Since I moved into this house, one, now two of them, has been a pain in my rear.

Though they call themselves “Servant of God” so proudly among everyone, no one believes they even have manners. They are mean toward neighbors, they are stingy around children, more than ten times they complained when cats around the neighborhood pass their property and blame it on me. For them, every cat in the universe belongs to me and I shouldn’t have kept them in the first place. Those cats need to be culled and the best place to start is my house. More than ten times the man threatened to lasso any cats/dog/wildlife that pass on his land and hang them on the ceiling (and actually attempted it several times on stray cats and passing wildlife). They demanded the authority that birds be removed from flying above “their air” They pulled every single thing to annoy each and everyone in the neighborhood every single day, and I live right next to them. Go figure.

I wouldn’t wish death on my enemy, but I quote Mercutio on them with all my heart.
Death on both thy houses.

I swear that if something happened to these elderly jerks, I wouldn’t lift a finger to help.
The man of that family is like my oxygen tank. It always runs out at the most critical time, most of the time in the middle of the night.
I have been desperately saving for an oxygen generator so no cat should die of their lung diseases while I wait frantically for the oxygen tank to be refilled, but there are too many places where money should go in my sanctuary.

Years later a friend who heard me swearing at the oxygen tank pulled me aside and asked if something can really be done, maybe buy another tank? buy a bigger tank?
At the era of Covid 19, it cost millions to buy an oxygen tank. Might as well buy a small hospital grade oxygen generator.
She reminded me that I saved the lives of three of her cats in the past, and that she has been getting remote side jobs because she is so bored working from home, and that I should check my account the next morning.
Whiskers’ Syndicate has a new oxygen concentrator.

And the morning our machine arrived, Sheilla rushed down from the stairs, pull my arms closer to the neighbor’s side.
“Is he screaming? Seems like he is in pain?” She never wanted to see that guy after he suddenly pulled her over the fence and blew a punch on her face (Thank God Sheilla managed to back off).
I bent over to the other side and saw neighbors gather. They guy was laying on the ground squirming and screaming in pain and his wife can only shouted his name and “no”.

One look back at Sheilla and she jumped over the fence, my helper in tow, giving first aid. Other neighbors keep asking for the woman to please just unlock the gate so they can come in to help.
I took a deep breath. I remembered my curse, I remembered my oath. I will not lift a finger.
But I swiftly ran through the stairs, grabbed the brand new oxygen generator, and dragged my bad knee all the way next door.

He got a heart attack, and the neighbor who pulled his car to drive him to the hospital said it was the oxygen that prevented him from brain death.

Another neighbor sent the machine back that night. We called the electricity and gas company to ask that the house’s power be shut down because everyone was in panic and we didn’t check the house before we rushed the man to the hospital (the wife won’t lend us the keys), and we parted ways, looking at each other, knowing that we probably missed one chance in the lifetime to get rid of a freaking psycho and rest the neighborhood in peace for good.
Yet none of us regret it.

I’ll just stop at cats won’t die on me because now we have limitless oxygen whatever lung diseases they might have.

~ Josie

After oxygen generator, do you know what’s next in my wishlist? A new air purifier (ours is 8 years old and no longer working). With Covid still around and restrictions still in place one time or another, it becomes more difficult to get medicine and vet treatment. An air purifier helps our overcrowded sanctuary from another outbreak that might claim casualties.
Help me chip in for one:

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