September 17, 2021
When I first got to know my vets some ten years ago, they had just lost their mentor. He was known as “Dr. Doolittle of Bandung” for his great passion for animals. Through the years, they are not only my vets, but they are also my friends. That friendship gave me the privilege of walking right through the back door and cut the line. I used that great privilege when I carried our girl that day. She had all the praises for staying still while the vets were trying to clean her jaw. Some parts were still raw and swollen. She had jaundice, and her skin was pale, almost white; so our vet took blood samples to find the cause. Our girl went home that night with a pain-killer, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics that helped her sleep better.

September 18, 2021
Our girl turned out to be a boy. He was so thin we took his balls in the wrong way. Someone mentioned a character in DC comics with a deformed half of his face, and everyone started calling him Jonah Hex. I complained because our boy is too cute, too kind, and too gentle for a rough and tough Jonah Hex, but nobody cared. His inflammation was gone, though. Jonah can eat better, drink better, and gain more strength as he continues his battle for a second chance in life. The blood test result returned. Prolonged infection on his jaw gave Jonah a bit of blood poisoning, so he went home with yet another medicine to help him detoxify his blood, and allow his liver and kidney to work better.

September 19, 2021
War against parasites: de-worming, flea medication, and another antibiotic to fight gastrointestinal parasites that gave him pungent, bright, runny stool and smelly, yellow, thick urine. Detoxification is ongoing.

September 20, 2021
No more fleas, lots of worm purging, and the sweetest Jonah Hex is grooming, wandering around, and is playing with kittens.

September 21, 2021
Our vets removed one and a half teaspoons of rotting meat from Jonah’s jaw. We are glad to find out that despite all the infections, Jonah’s gum and most of his teeth are still in good condition.

September 24, 2021
Jonah eats normally. He can chew, he can drink, he can lick, he can jump to the kitchen counter to cut the line and get his favorite steamed chicken breast before the others. Jonah uses the litter box, he runs and jumps and plays, he follows me everywhere.
Unfortunately, there is no way for his cheek to grow back. Jonah will live with a hole over half his face forever, but he is wonderful to have around and is still the most handsome champion ever.

I still don’t understand why the best cat in the world should be named after an antihero (he could have been named after an angel) but there was one Jonah who went into the whale’s belly and got his second chance, so I’ll forget that Hex thing and be happy with just Jonah.

We’ll see the vet again in the morrow. For now, here is our champion greeting you all and smiles his biggest gratitude to everyone who made his journey possible.

~ Josie

It cost us USD 850 to give Jonah his second chance in life. We raised USD 425 throughout his journey to recovery; USD 375 in vet debt. If you haven’t got the chance to join Jonah’s quest to his new life, he will be grateful if you would be generous to contribute toward his well-deserved safety.

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