The roof over our heads

Spending the whole month trying to save a bunch of supermarket cats, it’s time to go back and care for my own.

There is guilt creeping when I open the front door and see them lined up waiting for me to carry them. I used to pet them so often. There is pang of shame when they follow me in droves as I refill their empty bowls.
There is anger because by helping others, I neglect my own charges to some extent, but should I pretend not to see the clear and present danger that was about to befall those supermarket cats?

A few month ago, Deliso, our community cat mascot, had intestinal prolapse. There was drama when we tried to catch him. There was saga when he tried to maul everyone at the vet clinic for trying to help him.
Long story short, he decided that he doesn’t want to return to his old place, and is now living on my roof. He particularly enjoy watching the world go round down in the house from the fiberglass roof atop the laundry room.

If only he knew, that fiberglass roof is quite old. Some parts are dried out and cracked, and other places have holes as big as a human fist. We tried to fix the roof as much as we can, but sooner rather than later, the roof has to go.
We are in Summer now, but when the Monsoon comes in October, the electricity wires below that fiberglass will be rained on, and so will our washer, our laundry dryer, the cats’ heater, and the water pump.

160 cats and kittens are at risk to be popcorn.

Looking at those cracks seeking for hope, or maybe just chance, an old friend came by and, learning the situation, offered to match the next USD 500, Dollar for Dollar, if made by the end of the week.

Can you help me match the challenge, so the cats can keep their home safe?

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