As the cost of its complacency, this town was thrown back into lockdown.

So, we are back to being ninjas. Sneaking around distributing food to street cats who once again lost their living. Mothers who waited for us restlessly in her hideout so that she can continue nursing her babies; the sick and the old who would otherwise not stand a chance against Bandung’s week-long raging storm.

A message came at the end of our day, then. A street performer on his way home saw a sack thrown to the middle of the street and found two kittens barely ten weeks old in desperate need of help inside.
He has no money to care for the babies, he has no one telling him what to do, but he has his Facebook, so he came to us.
Two days later, the same street performer, living in a back alley of one of the most elite parts of town, saw four babies barely four weeks old, and again turned to us for help.

We have just taken a deep breath after three surgeries and thought we’d go on autopilot for few days, yet ended up with six babies who know nothing but following us all over the house thinking we must be their mothers. All of them has a severe respiratory infection, bad eye irritation, and parasites inside and out.
How do we care for six challenged babies, and still keep everybody else alive?

Two days ago we were caught up in the storm and were home late. We found everyone under the chairs and tables or had curled themselves in the corners, or under shelves and cupboards.

In a ramen box we left on the floor for the cats to play with, we found Comet nursing the six babies. She groomed them one after another. She put her protective arms around them, she wouldn’t let thunder and lightning scare them. She has no milk in her breasts, but she nursed them anyway. She’d cry and moan whenever the babies bit her now and then, but she lay there anyway.
Three months ago she lost her babies. She was just five months old then, and she loves to play. She has no idea what pregnancy was, so she took her babies for granted: climbing things, running laps across the shelter, chasing butterflies, and delivered two babies who lasted only for a week.

It took us days to console her, but although she is back to her old playful self now, there is always a part of her that seems to be missing.

The babies give her love a channel. The channel to fulfill her calling as a mother.
Comet gives the babies a chance. A chance to fulfill their lives as they were meant to be.
Life had taken their hopes.
Love has given them redemptions.

~ Josie

While I am glad and grateful that I didn’t lose my job in this latest lockdown, more cats need support as the diners, shops, restaurants, and markets, where they get their living, closed down.
Help me help more cats and help me raise USD 600 we need to survive another week, so I can use the remaining of my wage to help other cats. Please use following link to lend your hand.

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The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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