Two a.m; and the clock silently moved one minute. Soon the chaotic world on the other side of my window will come to and end, and so will my mind; just like this little girl beside me who went ahead before us. It’s been a long day for me, even longer for her.

She had just lost one eye, yet I can feel her breath still, and calm, and serene.

Tonight is the eve of Eid Al Fitr, one of the biggest festivals in the Muslim world, so their entire earth blew with boom and bang and prayers and praises to their Lord all night long. When the day turns, the whole universe will die for at least a week. No banks, no business, no market, nothing. Towns will be empty, villages and countryside will come to life as families come together from near and far to spend time as one again.

It’s all the reasons I had to get her to surgery today; whatever the cost, with or without the means; because it’s beyond abuse to let her wait longer after what must have been a lifetime of pain in her eye. Besides, life is always punctual; when it’s gone, it’s gone.

And I hate to lose.

Tomorrow when everyone takes their leaves, we’d be working. We’d be cleaning shop and open doors. We’d greet people and sell things they don’t get to buy before the long holiday came. We’d kill our great expectation that this year, we finally can take a breath like anybody else after a straining year made impossible by a long-standing pandemic. We’d put aside our tiredness, broken backs, and twisted muscles.

But then we’d see her see; squinting to the world with that one bead of an eye she has left. We’d see her walk; we’d see her jump, run, climb.

We’d see her reach the top of her world, and we’d see her watch all the life she has before her.

We’d see her trot with confidence as she embraces her better future. I take a deep breath, and let go. She is worth all that trouble.

~ Josie

Until the day of the surgery, we managed to raised USD 360 of USD 495 we had to pay for Mattea’s treatment. Working overtime for the whole week gave us enough to feed everyone at the shelter, the colonies we take care of, and some more on the street who found restaurants/diner/market/landfill where they count their lives on closed. While we are grateful for the grace period given to us considering the long holiday, we need to raise USD 135 by June 10. If any of our readers wish to help, please go through this link:

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