Living in a cemetery, hair scruffy; she would glare at people from afar, and disappear among the gravestones. One said she has many babies, but none lives long enough to see the day they walk on their own feet. Some would wonder, and try to find out; she’d driven them away with claw and hisses.

In the days of old, she’d be quite simply a witch. She’d be hunted, cornered, sacked, banished at best, or worse, burned at a stake. It’s not enough that people kick her around.

In modern days of technology and science, however, she’s quite simply: a carrier of a disease. Her blood test indicated that she passed Calicivirus to her babies, and so whatever she does, she’d never come to the day when she sees them stand on their own feet.

Once we see beyond the curse that haunts her, it’s easy to see that she is quite simply a loving, caring mother. She’d be watching day and night around her kittens, she never wandered far but only for food and water. She neglected herself so she can devote all of her being to her children, perhaps in the hope that if she tries harder, they will finally come to see better days, and those who exercise their curiosity beyond warning and measure, it will not only be cats that can be killed by curiosity.

Actually, the solution for her condition is quite simply sterilization, but for her last batch of kittens to live through their inherited curses and see the light of a better morning is not quite so simple. For one like her, with luxurious hair and beautiful bones to end up in cemetery, it must have started with a bitter story of abandonment, a bitter story of having to live alone in a merciless world, a bitter story of cruelty without cause, a bitter story of survival against even more bitter odds. How could she not lose her trust in the world, and belief only in her claws and hisses?

It took us ages and many degrading smirks of people around, an embodiment of evil who called themselves human; humans who laugh at other human who tried to do the right thing, who waited in hiding to run and kick her (and us) every time we tried to offer goodness. That those who call themselves human, a human who would deliberately spray her with sewer water just when she decided to open a crack in her heart for us to show, is of a different species to us.

When we took her home with a promise of a sweeter world and happier days, these are what said to us: She is just a cat, a stray cat, what a sore waste for you to be so kind, just throw her into the river and help us be rid one more bit of garbage that does not need to exist.

It was really quite simply for me to return the acid spray, that the one who should be ridden from the world is them and their kind: factory defect that escape paradise when the QC angel slept on duty. Or perhaps they are the other side? The one who looked like a snake that has nothing from their mouth but venom, which is why they are at the bottom of society, just like their ancestors cursed to slither on the floor of the earth for all eternity.

For her four babies, we quite simply can only try, giving additional nutrition as soon as they open their eyes. Additional supplements as soon as they can swallow something else other than their mother’s diminishing milk. Additional visit to the vet for boosters, closer watch and intensive monitoring. The real journey was a lot more than what quite simply can be said.

When one of the four fell, she followed us inside, watching us clean and wrap her baby, another she lost just like before. There was no words from her mouth, only a subtle saddened glare, but when we put her baby in the box, she lay vigil all night long beside her fallen angel until the next day, when her other babies called upon her.

How then is she called garbage that does not need to exist? She is quite simply a mother, just a different language, different world. The language that we understand, the world that we come to love.

Only one left from her four babies, when her breasts start to fail her, and she was forced to wean her last man standing early. We quite simply smile when she came to us to lead us to her hero, and took charge over him so that finally, her curse can be broken, and one child she so vigilantly cared for can live to see his happy days alongside her.

She quite simply has been through enough.

~ Josie


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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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