And a happy new year home.

On one end of that straight, wide four lanes street stands a traditional market where its rotting pile of garbage become life for countless strays young and old dumped to fend for their own. On the other end are abandoned small business sites, forced to move to new industrial zone, away from the center of town.

At night many from that dead zone will follow the glowing promise of the future and cross that street, thinking they would live one more day, only to find themselves crushed, or injured and left alone to see their untimely death come slow and painful.

She found herself in the corner, with a rat as big as her sniffing; wondering whether it would bite and drag her for their feasting, or wait for fate to make up its mind. Whether she should cross that seemingly endless road, or whether she will wait for death to come, in hunger or as prey?

And a happy new year safe.

She took three steps down the road. Maybe if she waits long enough for that street to completely die down, she can find a chance to live. It must be what her mother would have thought, though she was not there to show her how, or to lead her the best way. But that coming, deafening sound. Things that spatter blood of many of her kind. As fast as lightning, as horrible as death.

And a happy new year loved.

That blinding light as well. When it flashes, the screech will comes next. Most of the time someone shouted, very often just a thump or a crushing sound as they blasted away, leaving lifeless corpses on the road, writhing, or none. This one it’s a little bit longer, and it follows where she tried to hide. Maybe the rats were not so bad? She stopped. She crumpled herself and folded her head down, pressing her nose as close as possible to her chest.

And then, it’s light, and warm. She felt like she was floating.

And a happy new year, full of hope.

It’s not heaven. She saw herself in the arms of a woman, holding her close to her bosom. Her jacket was so thick, but she can hear her heart beating. It was just like mum.The long journey that comes after brought her to a home full of light, and many more like her. She was still as stiff as rock when she felt the floor, but it was not the rough street that shred her paws, nor the sticky mud that drown her halfway down.She has warm food on a small plate. She has a tiny sweater made from socks. Two or three larger cats, just like her mum, put their paws on her head, and their warm wet tongue cleaning up.

And a happy new year, happy new life.

Full of recovery, full of discovery. Many toys to chase, many friends to play. Many places to seek and many more to see. She learned that she can run. She learned that she can climb. Most of all, she learned that if she calls, someone will answer her call. She learned that if she put her tiny paw on one of the women’s legs, she will go up to the sky, and travel the world from above. In their firm arms, close to their bosom, hear their heart beat, just like with mum.

~ Josie

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