“Please plan on me”, she said, looking at the starless sky. The rain had just stopped, and the moon is still sleeping. Her brother next to her looks at her, then tries to find the single star upon which his sister sent her wish.

There were none.

“I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it’s a long road back
I promise you”

The sky is still as dark, and the damp dirt on the roadside where they roam is still wet. Some of the vehicles that passed were too big to see them, so one of those times they should be ready for a mud splash on their fur.

They used to be white, with soft fur that might resembled their mothers; but for time they have lost count, they have not seen her.

They have to live, or at least try, so they journey along the roadside to find anything, though it’s not easy because the sister cannot walk so fast, unlike him. The sister cannot jump and climb, not like him.

“We’ll be home for Christmas”, she said, as she dragged both her hind legs, grinding them on the coarse asphalt. “Where love light gleams”

He walked by his sister. “What is love? Our mother? But we don’t have her anymore”

Her sister did not answer. She just go back and try to drag herself further. Maybe then there will be food, maybe then there will be a place they can call home. A simple porch, a discarded box on the road side, a small tree that offers a little protection. Somewhere warm, somewhere dry. Somewhere without the deafening noises of the wheels that crush the road right beside them, with death riding so near.

“I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it’s a long road back
I promise you
Christmas eve will find us”

And she looks one more time to the sky, “Please plan on me” when a pair of hands lifted her before she can even realize someone is near.

She was shocked, she was terrified, she tried to squirm around, and see the face of her fate, but a soft meow froom her brother took her sight another way.

She was handed over to some other hand, and her brother soon was taken as well.

For one moment her eyes meet her beholder, someone with glasses and someone else put her brother into a bag, then opened her jacket, and wrapped it around her.

“It’s a long road back, kitty”, she said, “but at least you can stay warm along the way”

She looked at her brother. What’s in the other side?, but they are both too weak to fight, and even if they do fight, it’s not a better place where they are nowadays.

“I’ll be home for Christmas, it’s all I ask, so please plan on me”. It was her last word, and the rest of the way, it’s quiet but the noises of the street.

When they stopped there is a little house. It’s tiny on the dark hillside and the starless sky above.

But there is a soft blanket and steamy warm broth; and there are many like them, and many more in the different room.

There are kittens smaller than her, and those the likes of their mothers. Sniffing, snuggling, grooming, and sat beside them.

There were stories, perhaps, as they snuggle in their new mothers’ belly, there is chatter and whispers and hope.

Hope. Isn’t it just a dream?

When the next day came she saw kittens running to the two ladies who picked them, meowing and prancing around their feet as they struggle to stay standing, with big plates that smells of what must be the best food ever in the whole universe.

Compared to those she used to scrape off the bottom of trash bins.

She saw her brother run before her, meowing and prancing, and she wouldn’t lose a beat. So she lifted her front legs high and dragged herself as hard as she might.

She felt others trampled all over her, and her voice is unheard, but she fought as hard as she could, she called as loud as she would.

One hand lift her up, and she saw the other hand with her brother.

“You two are special” she heard the voice above. “You can have your breakfast here, just for the two of you, just stay out of trouble”

“See? I promised you” she tried to much as much as she can, looking at her brother. “Christmas eves have found us, and we’re home for Christmas”

“Where the love light gleams?” ask her brother, it seems surreal until last night.

“Where love light gleams” She said,”We will show them we are worth it”

And she dragged herself into litter box and do as best as she can. And she cleans herself as best as she can, and she try to stay out of trouble as much as she can. Her brother slipped it several times, chasing other kittens, rolling on the floor with the others.

She can only watch from the side, but she has always been off on the side for as long as she can remember, so that’s OK. She will have the comfort of the larger cats; the mothers. And when she sat herself by the legs of either of the ladies, she will find herself lifted up into the air and will land on their warm bosom.

When they recede to their room she will drag herself still, as fast as she can, and she slept beside them, with her brother side by side.

“Yes, I am home for Christmas”, she said, looking at the half moon peeking from the sky. “If only in my dreams”

“Not only in our dreams” her brother said, his eyes half closed.

“Not only in our dreams”

And she lay her head on her pillow.

With only sweetest dream.

~ Josie

Published by

Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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