This is a favourite story of ours; all’s well that ends well 😊

Sierra was taped shut in a box of bottled water (the brand is Sierra) and left under my fence under the rain.

For 3 years after Sierra has been a touch of lively wonders in our front yard; entertainment for babies and nannies as they spend the morning basking under the sun, soothing company for seniors sitting on their chairs in front of their house, unwinding stress for working housewives and students alike as they hang around their veranda enjoying afternoon breeze after nasty day at work or school.

My next door neighbour works out of town leaving wife and two girls; they have only weekends to be together, and many time to spend away from each other. The wife loves cats, the husband does not. He also smoke inside the house.

As loneliness creeping in, the wife would invite Sierra to play with her, flooding my fluffy garden fairy with treats, and food. The girls would bring home cat snacks from school and they soon fill their dad-less day their own way.

Trouble came when Dad saw more and more cat fur on the sofa, and heard the girls huffed up giggles on their bedroom window. It became more and more difficult when Sierra walk in and out the house freely, even on weekends when Dad is around and Sierra supposed to be out.

One day, husband was about to go shopping and ask “What does cat eat? Can she get milk?”

I raised my eyebrow and hold my smile as much as I can. “Cats sure drink milk, but theirs has to be lactose free, and fish has to be deboned”

The next Monday I asked the mother.

“Sierra strolled in, sit, and purr on his lap when he watched TV. He was frozen, the girls blew up in laughter”

I forgot when exactly, but three years since I took this picture, Sierra is no longer mine. The house is smoke free. The girls are happy, the wife is merry.

Every Friday night, 10 pm or beyond, I always hear a car in front of the house, lock clacking, door opened, and a man’s tired but excited voice.

“Where is Sierra?”

~ Josie

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