Just for today I only want your prayers.

Just for today an old acquaintance sent me message asking for help for his brother, who found a baby cat eaten alive by maggots.

Just for today I was petrified in terror as I watched the 20 seconds video.

We knew there was not much hope. The little baby, only a few weeks old, had lost both eyes; his nose, and the maggots that feasted on him even then left only a gaping hole.

That hole should be his face. The two eyes that should open to watch the loving sight of his mother, the nose that should smell the motherly abundance that will shower him with abundance forever and ever, the mouth that will taste the enliving milk flowing deep within, so warm he sprang to life.

But just for today I will tell you another story.

About days old baby who knows nothing, but fight its hardest to stay alive. About little life who did not lost his hope even in the midst of pain that will pull us human down to our knees.
About tiny creature whose courage put the universe to shame.

Not a single cry came out, all the way we rushed him to the vet. Not a single weep.

When I extend my hands with him, still trying, still fighting, my vet shed one tear and put on her glasses, examining, examining, examining; but by the look on her face we knew the whispers that we kept pushing back was real and truth. The maggots had reached the inside of his ears, and is starting to eat the nerve and the brain.

Just for today, I saw her holding back tears as she took a syringe of pain killer; too much for baby that small. Not long time ago a vet was found selling pain killer injection fluid online to a drug lord, and since painkillers became hard to find and expensive to say the least, but she drew enough to put larger animals to rest so soon enough the baby will no longer need to endure the pain of being eaten alive.

Though the most painful must be fighting alone and dying lonely.

Just for today, that sun-coloured furball become our baby. We hold him in our arms, one after another. Knowing millions of maggots wiggling inside, we gave them our kisses, we told him stories and songs. As he slowly went away in peace, we mount him praises. We call him hero, champion, we name him Victor.

Whereas I always believe in life, just for today I admit that mercy can come with a scythe. As I believe that everyone should be given a chance, just for today a chance may mean liberating others from pain, even if it means sending them over to the other side.

Now that he’s at peace and painless, just for today remember him with smile. Smile as we imagine his perfect face seeing his mother for the first time as he ran across the rainbow bridge. Smile as we marvel at his bravery; now fully rewarded. Smile as we celebrate the compassion of a young boy who could have cared less, but sat on the cold stairs by the gravestone, all alone in a drizzly day, holding a baby full of maggots, believing that help is coming.

Just for today let the baby become yours. Just for today tell him he is loved, and his brief pain is only necessary to speed up his sainthood. Just for today hold him in your heart. Just for today, let him live in our mind; let him know only the good that sent him away and the best where he now belong.

Just for today call him Victor.

~ Josie


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