She stayed still on my chest, listening to my heart beat. Those bumping sounds must have been so muffled that she had to press her crusty ear even though it hurt so much.

She stayed still on my chest. If she could, she probably will fuse herself in, to be away from the streaming cold wind as we rode through the night, all the way home.

She stayed still on my chest, even when I told her “We’re home” When I put her on the floor she stayed still like a rock, when I tried to give her some water she stayed still like a rock.

When I tried to give her food she stayed still like a rock.

We turned on a heating pad and put her on top, wait a few minutes, and try again.

She sniffed and sniffed and sniffed but she cannot eat. She cannot see, she cannot move.

So it’s blendered fish with egg yolk coming in through a syringe.

She sat there the same way for two days; then a wind storm and she somehow followed us to the front of our room and cry all night long.

It’s time, then. We took her and start her on medication to stop all the mange that makes her look like a stone cat instead of a kitten. Ten weeks old kitten who has to bid her life on the hot asphalt every day and bare with the cold iron of drain grille every night. Ten weeks old kitten who had just learned how to eat, but then eaten by mange, and left to fend herself, if she ever know how.

Ten weeks old kitten with eyelids so crusty she cannot see anything, nose so blocked she cannot smell anything, and mouth stiffen by the flea and the pain as colonies upon colonies of mange drew blood from the mouth that not so long ago only knows the soft nipples of her mother and the fluffy fur of the only creature she knew loves her.

When we cleaned her eyes enough that she can see, it was some sort of surprise. We are not her kind, but the hands she knew cared for her were ours, the voices that she heard were ours. So she followed us, because now the only creatures she ever knew loves her are us.

If only there is a kind of medication that we can apply once and for all, that she does not have to endure the creeping pain all over her anytime longer; but she was underweight and she cannot even eat. So we can only use spot on; one week at a time.

If only there is a kind of treatment that will set her free to the spring of her youth. If only we can alleviate her curse with just another spell.

If only it’s so easy; like pulling those piled up mange that makes her fingers twice as long, and prevent her from walking properly. We took a risk with that. We cut as much mange crusts as we can with nail clipper, so even though she cannot run, at least she can walk around.

The first thing she done after her feet came back was jumping onto our toolbox in the laundry room and seek warmth under our sun roof.

The rest that we can do now, is spot on treatment, one week at a time, over and again until she is all cleared. The rest that we can do now is warm, nutritious food three times a day or anytime she needs, and fresh water to quench her thirst always. Those won’t ease her pain, but hopefully will soothe her heart. Those won’t heal her overnight, but hopefully strengthen her to hold on until the day of her freedom.

The rest that we can do now is to sustain her long enough until she can turn the tides on her favor with her own strength, and be a cat again. The rest we should do now is walking her through until she can grab her second chance and restart her own life, this time with joy, hope, love.

~ Josie
The rest that we must do now, is to ensure we all live long enough to see Ava through and be cat she should be. We need USD 600 to stay alive, but raised only USD 254 at the beginning of this weekend. Help us go USD 10 closer to our goal with your contribution. Go here to help:

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