Plea for Patti

Working together for over a decade, my vets and I are connected to each other beyond client – patient – doctor formalities. I watched the whole clinic taken over, after the passing of the clinic’s founder – dearly remembered by people everywhere as Dr. Doolitle of Bandung – to carry his legacy and love for all animals there is. I have watched them grow from two vets in a tiny clinic in the living room of their mentors, to five vets and two vet techs, in a strong clinic whose business never goes down.

They have watched me grow from one rescuer girl with her bike and old bag, six cats strong, to a fully operating shelter and now a “business partner”.

There are things we know without the need to ask, and things we can freely discuss without fear of judgement.

When I fell silent with Patti in my arms, that afternoon on September 9 at the behest of an X Ray, my vets knew that I was not ready for the cost. I am not as strong as I was financially after Covid, if I cannot say miserable.

She told me that Patti certainly has broken her tail, and that it needs to be removed, there is no other way. However, we can wait for three days to see whether Patti learned to stand. If she stand on her own, there is no need to have at least three pieces of $40 X-Ray.

Unfortunately, Patti has not yet stood until today, though she is a lot better. She is more alert, she cleans herself, she can eat, she can drink, her faeces is good, there was no parasite except for some fleas.

She can even sit like a Sphinx statue in Egypt.

Since none of those can be called “standing” however, I still have to bring her in for an X Ray to see other damages, and I made an appointment tomorrow.

But I haven’t go the money.

We raised USD 150 for Patti through the weekend, but it will just be enough for 3 sets of X Rays (she needs approximately four). We have not yet raised enough for the surgery to remove her tail before it starts to rot and give her blood poisoning (resulting in slow painful death), we have not yet raised anything for another surgery if the X Ray show other damages, and certainly we have not yet raised for her post surgery treatments and medicine; without those all the effort done prior will be useless.

I know I am not alone. Everyone is on very tight financial situation at this moment and we all live with a lot less. Should that mean that Patti’s effort to stay alive and fight for her better chance in life will go down the drain? Should her hopeful progress mean nothing?

You know I never ask. If we do not raise enough, I went out of my way and make up for the rest; but this time, I am asking, because there shouldn’t be moment when I look into that beautiful jade eye and said “Sorry Patti, you have done a great job holding on to life, but it doesn’t matter, you just have to die anyway”

We did this before, the magic of Whiskers’ Syndicate’s collectivity. We lift many lives from hell and into happily ever after, $10 at a time. USD 600 calls for 60 persons to donate USD 10 each, and we have over 10,000 supporters.

Can we do it one more time, and give hope to Patti, even though just once?

~ Josie

If you really cannot donate even one Dollar, please donate one share.

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