Update on Pippa

Away from harm, Pippa, the mother we took from the park last week, gave birth to six babies.

Despite a week in a friendly environment, with good food, fresh water and warm bed, past time taumas after she was thrown away at the park, chased by dogs, her babies eaten and her food stolen, gave her a difficult delivery. Pippa refused to be left alone, and will be stressed every time we went out, even just to refill her bowl with milk and egg. She lost too much energy trying to catch up to us that her two last babies were almost delivered too late.

Her post partus bleeding won’t stop for two days and we were worried that she will become anaemic.

Bree, went through a similar experience. She was put in the box with her five newborn babies and was left by an ATM chamber, where we found her and took her home. She found her way into our room, sat by the suffering mother, and even helped Pippa clean and take care of the babies, so our new kitty mama can be few steps away to calm down.

We are so lucky to have Bree with us, and are grateful for her grace. We are glad that the mother and babies are now safe and hope to see Pippa and her little family settle down to their new found peaceful world to live their second chance in life to the fullest.

I am extending my arms to you all with my utmost gratitude, for without your support, the mother would probably still be alone in the dark, cold park, fearing for her life and terrified over her newborn baby.

I am bowing to you with my ultimate gladness, for without your benevolence, Pippa and her little furry angels wouldn’t get a second chance.

As we celebrate this happy moment, please be kind to remember that there are many more like this mother, clinging to dear life in places we have not yet been able to reach. Please allow me to ask you to continue to give Pippa your support and encouragements. Please help us continue our work, so that more life can be saved, and more mothers like Pippa will have the chance to deliver in peace, and in due time be given a humane spaying to prevent future pregnancies.

Please stay with us and help us create the harmonious world we all dream to live in.

~ Josie

To send your baby shower gifts, please follow this link: https://paypal.me/whiskersyndicate

Pippa’s story: https://web.facebook.com/wearethewhiskerssyndicate/posts/1430060163858381

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