Another kitten rescue

Hello Josie,

I am truly sorry to bother you again. My friend and I found a baby kitten in a desolate location in the middle of a rice field. We tried to see if there were siblings or mother, but the baby seemed to be alone, so we took the baby home.

We gave the baby kitty milk. One brand, but since the baby did not like the milk, we changed brand. The baby is getting weaker and weaker, and the more we tried, the more kitten refused. We are truly afraid that we would harm kitten instead of helping it.

May we bring the baby to you, so you can check on it? We know we brought two kittens to you already, but we don’t know what to do.”

“Sure, bring the baby to us”

They showed up the next evening with large bag full of padding and towels, and old shirts and everything, and pulled out a teeny weeny crumple of black fur with dripping yellow feces all over its hind leg.

They did all the right thing. Give the kitty eye ointment, keep the kitty warm, feed kitty every half an hour, as much or as little as the baby wants.

It’s just that people here are so obsessed with cheap things: cheap food, cheap milk, cheap supplements, cheap medicine, cheap whatever, that they wouldn’t care to check on the composition (if exist) so long as the pet shop keeper said it’s good.

Pet shop keeper are usually employees. They are given only one mission: make money, as much as possible.

So, everything is good.

These girls have a long way to go, but they are doing really well learning and doing, I don’t mind even if they call me in the middle of the night when they are out of luck with their rescues. Hey, other girls their age are more busy with selfies and narcissistic insta story. They waited ever so patiently for colleges to reopen so they can enroll and study by saving cats in their remote residential clusters.

And they pay for these cats with their own money, as meager as a teenager can produce.

The baby has coccidiosis. The baby had cold, the baby has sinus block. The baby has painful cold sores on the tongue, the baby has fever. The baby has bajillion of fleas, the baby has worm.

The baby wants to live.

The baby took food we blendered to a mousse. The baby took kitty milk (the good one, not made of powdered skimmed milk repacked from bakery) The baby took electrolytes. The baby took vitamins, the baby took appetite booster, the baby took probiotics, the baby took immune support.

The baby survives.

The baby was 1 ounce 30 when it came to us about last week, the baby is 2 ounces 30 today.

The baby wants to love.

The baby followed us even though one small step from us, is a marathon for its tiny legs. The baby climbs as best as it could when we were down on our knee. The baby clung to our hoodies, the baby pat our wrist and want our attention, but of course it’s angry when it’s time for another eye ointment. He thinks he’s ok, we say not yet.

The baby lives.

~ Josie

Please let the baby lives long and prosper. We can’t do it alone. We have 160 cats and do various paid jobs to keep ends meet. May this little one count on you?
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