So do praises and prayers.
For the few avengers who assemble and actually join the fight, here is your victory.

For less than ten kind people, out of the two thousand who read Patience’s story, heard her call, and left nothing but hearts and thumbs, here is your victory.

Here is the neglect you have overturned. Here is the death that you have beaten.

Here is your action, louder than any words. Here is the waning days that you reversed. Here is the lonely and cold nights you have have warmed.

Here is the magic you gave to our hands, and the strength that you gave to our care. Here is the liberty that release us of our limitation.

Here is Patience, and the life you have only begun to reclaim.

Here is my salute to you, Whiskers’ Syndicate. Here is my gratitude; beyond praises and prayers. Patience has a life before her, because of you.

~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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