Behold, Whiskers’ Syndicate. This is your miracle

Ignorance put Yuki alone in the middle of nowhere, with little to live on; and the cold in the heart left her suffering with an infected eye, for so long it popped out and rotted.

There was nothing left for her, but you gave your hand. You lift Yuki up and hold her tight near your heart. You listened to her silent cries, you attended to her pleas. You play God, and make a change to her fate.

Yuki had only one eye left. Yuki had to readjust her balance. Yuki had trouble with her footing, Yuki had difficulties perceiving depth.

Give her time, chance, faith, hope, guidance, and understanding. One week later she can jump, run and climb faster, higher, and better than any Spiderman ever lived. It took her 17 seconds to run and climb across 300 sqm (30 sq yd) storage full of hurdles.

Behold, Whiskers’ Syndicate. On her behalf, and on my own: Thank you for giving Yuki her life back.

~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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