She had an eye that popped out of its socket and she endured. She was catnapped and transported into a foreign world, and she endured.

She had what should be just a few hours surgery to remove her eye and give her a new lease of life. Her knee buckled from time to time when she walked, and the vets and I thought it was a sprain she got during the fierce struggle when she was captured. However, during the surgery our vets found an old injury that will cause a sting on┬áher nerve when she walks, so they extended the surgery and fixed Yuki’s leg as well. She endured.

Last night she looked a little bit down, so I sat with her on the dining table and told her that she is in different world now. Not just new home, not just a new mother, not just a new brother for her to bicker with and hug all day.

I told her tens of people send their love. I told her thousands more mount their prayers, and that though they are not here, they are all connected to her, to her story, to her life, to her soul. That she will never walk alone.

I found her cone ripped away this morning, I heard someone climbing at the back. I know Yuki loves the sun.

She climbed all the way up like the best mountaineer, and beat her challenge the way you all match her challenge: with confidence and resolution.

She was on the top of the tallest shelves in the storage, basking in the sun. She has glistens on her fur, and it sparkles in the blowing morning wind.

She has gleams in her eye, with courage, with confidence, with hope.

She endured all the way through her valley of darkness, and endured enough to see the light you are all beaming at her, at the end of the tunnel. She endured enough to hear your calls and cheers.

She endured enough to find all of us: The Whiskers’ Syndicate

Thank you so much for enduring enough that Yuki can start her new life.

~ Josie
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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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