We are going to have that new nebuliser. Not many people responded to our plea, but we are going to have that new nebuliser, and we will see Tammy break off from a lifetime of misery and into a lifetime of wonders.

Tammy lived alone in a large swathe of parking lot of one of the largest wholesale franchise in this country. There is no food there, there is only sewer for her to drink from, there is not even a tree large enough for her to sit under.

When I walked past her, nearly three football field away, she was a wandering skeleton. In normal days, she would have had to walk far away to get to the nearest food stall, but now that everything is closed down, I don’t know how long has it been since she last ate something.

We forgot about buying things we need and took her to the vet.

Tammy had mastitis; Tammy has a meaty lump on her left chest, turned out to be a tumor. Tammy has calicivirus.
Calicivirus aside, we know she has ticks and fleas. We know she has worms, we know she has a long way to go.

For the vet to remove the tumor, she has to be healthy; and to be healthy, Tammy has to overcome her virus, the number two cat killer in the world. Then she has to gain weight, then she has to level up her immune system.

For her to withstand the calicivirus, she needs the nebuliser, even though staying in a covered crate next to a gas spewing, loud machine for 20 minutes horrified her, but we have to do it to clear her stuffy nose.

With the ultrasonic nebuliser, she will only have to sit in that crate for five minutes. She won’t have to be stressed by loud noise.

The rest is antibiotics, supplements, good food, and good environment.

In three weeks, she went from a dying lump of skeleton just outside my bedroom door, to a tough, resilient and persevering cat with an amazing personality.

I am looking forward to the day when Tammy is whole again.

~ Josie


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