Nebulizer appeal

Every day, we take home cats with upper respiratory infection. Cats with stuffy nose, kittens gaping like fish out of the water.
If their nose is blocked, cats cannot smell their food, if cats cannot smell their food, they wouldn’t eat, if they wouldn’t eat, they’re doomed.

The most immediate help is nebulization therapy: medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs to help ease thick mucus and clear breathing channels.

Three or four years back, we could only afford a compressor nebulizer. We put one adult cat or two kittens into a chamber and ran our nebulizer for twenty minutes, then we take another cat and put them in the chamber for another twenty minutes. Three times in a row, then we have to give our nebulizer a break, otherwise it will overheat. In one day, we can nebulize about ten to fifteen cats a day.

On days like now, when rain is unceasing and food source is rare – if any at all – street cats are tumbling down on their broken lungs more than ever. Our nebulizer is working nonstop to lend a breath to an endless stream of cats.

Three or four years back, only big hospitals or large animal clinics could afford anultrasonic nebulizer, which, instead of 20 minutes, needs only 5 minutes to clear nasal blockage and help a cat breathe again. Instead of 5 cc tube that will only medicate 2 cats or 4 kittens at a time, an ultrasonic nebulizer can hold up to 40 cc of medicine to help 16 cats or 32 kittens. Instead of having to spend 20 minutes for a cat to get better, ultrasonic nebulizer needs only 5 minutes.

Imagine how many cats we can help, with that?

Three or four years back, an ultrasonic nebulizer may cost more than 300 US Dollars. Nowadays, a decent one shown in the picture below cost only USD 150.

Can you help us purchase one unit, so we can help more cats?

~ Josie

Post Script: While we are raising urgent fund for a new nebulizer, we want to continue helping cats especially those who lost their living as restaurants and markets are still closed in many areas so we will not stop our weekly fundraising. However, if you want to contribute specifically for the nebuliser, please be kind to write: BREATHE in the note as you made your donation.

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