There was something about that picture. The color, the vintage feel, the kitten in the picture. I look at it just once, but it told me stories about a place so foreign, and the little cat who lives through it. Day and night, light and dark, rain or sun, or star. She never knows where the world will go round next, or even if the world is going to go round for her tomorrow.

It told me stories about days gone by, not so long ago, but somehow feels like eons of lifetimes that piled up on her tiny back, so heavy her leg would bend. It told me stories about acceptance, patience, perseverance. It told me stories about broken heart, loneliness, tiredness, The thoughts that ask whether it is necessary to jump back up and keep walking, or whether it is enough to just lay down and let the breeze swing her soul to heaven.

But when I look into it, in its silence I also hear stories about giving the world another chance; another chance for better days to come, another chance for love yearned too long, another chance for home, another chance for happily ever after.

I was also told the story about that girl, sitting on top of a closed down congee booth, who jumped down to walk through her life during a busy unloading day, have goods too heavy fell upon her and crush her leg.

I was told that the pet shop, where she spent her life, has a rather kind owner and employee, but a kitten with a broken leg is too much of a burden for everyone.

This morning I rode across town and brought her home. There were two more pictures that told a story about pain and sorrow and grief; story about a future cut short, story about uprooted hope.

But as the day wears away, the living picture who wanders around our house unrepentant, told us story about strength. She told us a story about resilience; she told us story about hope; and the ultimate story about love long awaited.

And I want to tell her a story about the different kind of people; from all over the world. About those who care more than ignore, those who nurture, those who always give and seldom take.

I want to tell her story about healing, about giving life a brand new start. Story about day under the sun and night under that she can share with smile on her face.

I want to tell her story about days that will be, about life well lived,

Story about happily ever after that will start this very day.

~ Josie





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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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