Sierra – a “Happy Sunday” story

Five yrs ago Sierra was taped shut in a box and left by our fence under the rain; she lives with us ever since, and is fond of playing in our front yard.
My next door neighbor’s husband hated cats, but he is working out of town the whole week, so on weekdays she and her two daughters come to our place to play with cats.
Then they joined Sierra plot for world domination.

For one day every weekend, they brought Sierra home and played with her. The rest of the day, Sierra slept under his favorite bench. The other week, the ladies took Sierra home, and fed her there; to show that cats are not dirty, they borrowed Sierra’s litter box and put it in their garage. Yet another weekend they let Sierra lounge by his feet and the whole family watched TV together. On the day he was down because his elderly mother was ill, they silently let Sierra jump up and curl on his lap.

These days, the first thing he looks for whenever he’s back home is Sierra. The thing that he worries about the most is when Sierra is out of food. He plays his guitar with Sierra, teaches his daughters homework with Sierra, watches TV with Sierra, buys fancy toys for Sierra, sleeps besides his wife, but guess who is on his other side? 

Whiskers’ Syndicate is the place where both sides at war win. You make us happen. Whatever good magic you do, keep doing it, let’s make more Happy Sunday stories.


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