See?” I said to myself, “Good things happen to those who persevere”

“Didn’t you say before that it’s always darkest before dawn? Dawn comes everyday, you know, so it will be darkest before dawn every day, not just one day”

In front of me, Kippo walked like a drunken man just out of his night club, but he walked anyway. He takes his time, but he is walking anyway.

He learns, first, to use litter box – to our delight – because no feral ever done that before. We really would have understand if he soiled elsewhere, but the fact that he took all the trouble walking across the room to relief himself make us love him more.

Gradually, we put his food further away from him, and will continue to do so until he is back on his feet again. It might take weeks, it might take months, it might never heal and he would end up crippled, but we will take him as he take himself one step after another.

The boy with gashing wounds, meanwhile, was watching from behind us. He is a sweet boy. He follows us everywhere as if we are his mothers, he sneaked onto our laps whenever it’s available. We took care of his parasite, his stitches starts to dry; but his upper respiratory infection, not so much.

He has cold sores of various sizes on his tongue, so it’s painful for him to eat. We have to blender his food and give him his food through syringe, right to the back of his mouth so he can actually eat and get nutrition instead of crying in pain.

We have to be really careful with him because his upper respiratory infection is rather bad, but we are doing what we can as you all have to secure his better future.

We will be going back to the vet with the two boys on Thursday, by then with lighter footstep if we survived the extended matching challenge, We are told to be optimistic because it’s “just” $180, but we won’t count on things we do not have in our hand yet. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we are not out of the tunnel yet, so to say.

As we celebrate the two boys’ moment of recovery, let us remain in our effort to ensure we deliver in our hope and promises.

Thank you all, we wouldn’t have gone so close to our goal without you.

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