Vet fees again

While we can breathe a wee bit easier because Kippo’s surgery went well and he is now on his way to recovery, we are not quite sure how to secure his chance to better future, just in case we did not meet the matching challenge.

It’s between rock and hard place. If we just give what we have to pay for the vet (just so we can retain service for the rest of the sanctuary), we won’t have anything left to eat. If we hold what we have and buy food for the cats, we will no longer have vet service.

Just like this little boy, perhaps. We were thinking just that when we saw him crouched, puffed and arched between two bigger cats, fighting over a tiny scrap inside the garbage bin just by the roadside.

It was his only hope. If he jumped on the food he will get to eat after so long, because he was the closest, but he’ll die soon after by the pounce of the two cats. If he backed out, he’d be safe, but he will die soon anyway, and a painful slow one. He was already dirty and skinny, who knows when was the last time he fill himself in.

It’s somewhat easy for me, despite our current circumstances, to decide. I throw two chunks of my cheese sandwich toward the two big feral cats, and on everybody’s moment of fight or flight, scoop the kitten. It’s obvious that I made flight choice for him.

Later that night after work, while we sat down to clean him, we found three gashing wound across his body; an infected claw mark. Two had become abscess that eat him and leave a hole on his tummy. one other stretched a long way from just under his armpit to the middle of his hind leg.

Despite his young age, our little boy is a war veteran.

Then the reality sink back in. Do we have enough for his treatment?, but do we really just pour down silver gel on his wound and put him back on the street?

We know it’s most unlikely we will have any service left, but we called our vet anyway, and she told us to bring the boy in for stitches and all, again, out of good faith that over a decade of dedication on rescuing animals is a good reference of our honesty.

Can we really do give this kitten the safety of a home? A chance to change his life, barely beginning? Can we, loud with our compassion for animals, deliver through our action?

To be or not to be, that is the question.

~ Josie



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