Mobsters I Have Known

Our Matching Challenge time is coming to an end in the next 24ish hours or so. We’ve raised a little over a half of the challenge but still have a long ways to go and so many reasons to get there.

Let me tell you about a few of my reasons:


Liam was a cat that had been used as a bait animal for dog fighting. When Josie found him under a car, he had puncture wounds on his head, most likely brain swelling and he seemed at least partially paralyzed.

I didn’t think he’d survive 24 hours, let alone become such a huge personality with the Mobsters. It took months of care for him to improve but improve he did. The swelling went down. He started walking and then running and climbing. Liam ended up becoming a normal cat with a sense of humor.

He was the most amusing and sweetest boy. I remember asking Josie what cute thing he had done for the day almost every day. He also became a surrogate parent for numerous kittens.

We were privileged to have sweet Liam with TWS for just about a year. Yes, that was short but what was important was that Liam had a year to know love and care and safety. He left this world in caring arms with feline and human friends.


Pretty Libby wasn’t so pretty when Josie rescued her in 2015. The depths of depravity that humans can sink to never cases to amaze me. Libby had had her lips cut off. Yes, you read that right. Lips cut off.

She couldn’t eat well because of this so Josie worked until she figured out a slurry she could make that Libby could eat.

It took two surgeries but there came a day that Libby healed and looked almost normal. Libby helped to raise kittens at TWS for about 2 1/2 years.

We all were devastated when it was her time to leave us but once she came through the door, she never again had to face abuse on the streets.

Lady Sparky Terror

Lady Sparky Terror was found in a sewer when she was about 6 weeks old. She was filthy and came out biting and scratching, she was so scared.

Yet she survived and thrived to become a Mob Princess. She’s bossed various worker who have come over the years. Such a lovely, sweet lady.

I could go on forever about the Mobsters, Elf, Silvervine, Milk, Berry, Tabitha, Batman…the list is never ending. They all found their way to TWS and into the hearts of those who meet them through Josie’s words.

Please help me help Josie and the Mobsters. $3,000 will do so much to give them all a bit of breathing room.

Enjoy the pictures of various Mobsters and don’t forget to donate.

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