Who remembers tiny Miranda?

She was crying in terror, stranded by the edge of a drain across the street (from the house) where someone had thrown her off a moving vehicle early in the morning. I was preparing myself for work when I heard her pitiful cries and ran out to check, however, because her colour is the same as the stone wall of the drain, she was difficult to see.

A woman who was trying to get her baby to eat by distracting him with the cats (Malaya and Kaka) had seen what happened and showed me where Miranda was.

Spending the whole morning in the cold had taken a toll, and she developed an upper respiratory infection that turned out to be resistant to antibiotics. We went to many vets but only the one downtown was daring enough to prescribe a combination of antibiotics for long term use.

Her course of treatment and medication spanned 3 months. Without donations and prayers from the whole world of The Whiskers Syndicate she wouldn’t have made it. All the vets said so, so it’s not me exaggerating.

Because of her prolonged sickness Miranda had stopped growing (she is 7 months old but looks like 4); but even though her growth had been suspended, she is healthy and is the now the embodiment of Dennis The Menace of The Whiskers Syndicate!

Her treatment cost close to USD 1,000. Even both of us working 24 hrs a day will not cover that amount. Had it not been for you, our friends, with your patience, persistence and most of all your unwavering support, Miranda wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Today, she is one of many cats who stand as living testimony of how much your donations mean for us. They really are life changing, and you truly are The Whiskers Syndicate.

Thank you 💚


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