Help for a kitten with breathing problems

Whiskers Syndicate, send me your magic, lend me your luck, mount prayers for this unfortunate kitten. She has no one, she only has us.

Three weeks ago, during the worst of weathers in Bandung, I found her crippled by cold and starvation on abandoned land after a textile factory moved out of town. She has horrible pneumonia, her brother not so far away has horrible mange. While her brother coped with medication, she struggled to maintain weight and breathing. We managed to help maintain her temperature and weight for her, but yesterday her breathing started getting worse, We rushed her to the vet; she was stabilized enough for us to bring her home, but she cannot come off oxygen until this moment.

At all times, despite her very young age, she fought really hard to stay alive. She keeps on trying to eat; she keeps on trying to sit; she walks to us as best as she can if she needs our attention.

We have done all we could, and she has not yet give up, but I hate to just sit there and watch her fight alone.

In any God you believe, please send prayers on her behalf. If any best wishes remain, please share your best of thoughts for her recovery. With any bit of hope , please send her your support so that she has all the resources she needs as she fights her way toward the second chance in life she deserves.

The struggling female kitten:


Her brother, who has mange:


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