At long last, it’s over.

Worries, horror, shocks, worries, griefs, sorrows, pains.

They were a broken family; one of her three babies had a broken tail, the other had a broken leg, and one more was dead. She herself had to live with a blood parasite eating her alive. All four of them, mother and kittens, had lung infection at one point and intestinal infection at the other. They had to move from one porch to the other during the rain and evacuate when the rain stopped, because no one wants them and no one cared enough for their lives.

Though we failed to help her children, our persistence and your unwavering support saves her life. Blood tests, USG, painful medications, long term treatments, intensive veterinary intervention. She was overwhelmed by the rest of the world trying to turn her life upside down and had various meltdowns along the long holiday season, but she will survive.

We took care of her lung infection, then we took care of her chronic intestinal problems. We subdued her blood parasite, we rid her off her many diseases, one after another; and when on a surprising, yet amazing turn, she came into heat, we managed to spay her.

She will step into the new year walking through the pathway of hope we all lay in front of her.

So this is your Christmas miracle, if you believe in Christmas. This is the blessing of your Hanukkah. Whichever you believe, this is the magic of The Whiskers’ Syndicate.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. No one else in this world can do the magic, only you.

Thank you for turning her world around. Thank you for turning her death into life, thank you for giving her the life she should have. Thank you for opening your heart when others shut their doors.

And thank you, if you would stay with us to make many other story ends just as beautiful as hers.

~ Josie


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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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