Giving at this festive season

The first day of December already! I had so much planned and so many things I wanted to do, and life just kept getting in the way.

I’m Christine, and I help Josie out on the Facebook page a little bit.

Josie, Sheilla, and the cats are never far from my thoughts, but right now they’re at the forefront.

As I go about my daily routine, I see many people preparing for a joyous time with friends and family; a period of warmth and plenty, with festivities and celebrations, and time to sit back and take a breath.

Life at The Whiskers Syndicate can be like that, but the majority of the time it’s very different. Josie and Sheilla work hard to keep the bills paid, the shelter in good order, and the cats fed and cared for, not to mention doing everything they can for the street cats.

It is rewarding, but also challenging and sometimes heartbreaking.

I have visions of sending over boxes of everything they desperately need; things like blankets and towels, medicines, vitamins, food and toys.

I picture hampers of things for the cats and for the humans, too, to celebrate the season as they deserve, with love, warmth, and maybe to be free of worry for a little while.

If I could, I would send them all this and more. I would love so much to help meet the fundraising goal every week for this month, to help get things on an even keel, and perhaps give a foothold to start next year on solid ground and move forward with some security.

It’s impossible for one person to do this alone, but with help from all of you, we have already done so much, and I know we can do more.

We are so grateful to you, always, and if I can ask again for your help, in whatever way you’re able to give it, we would consider it an incredible gift.

As Josie says, you, WE, are The Whiskers Syndicate 💚


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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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